Buddha is in the house

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The visit of Bodhisattva Wuji - Buddha is in the house

Once a young man by the name of Yang Fu, left his parents to visit Bodhisattva Wuji, in Sichuan.

– Where to young man?
– I’m going to meet Bodhisattva Wuji.
– Instead of looking for Bodhisattva, you’d better look for Buddha.
– Do you know where Buddha is?
– When you’ll return home, you’ll be welcomed by someone with a blanket on the shoulders and shoes on the wrong feet. That person is Buddha.
– Really?

When he returned, Yang Fu arrived home late in the night.
Hurrying to her son, Yang Fu’s mother put a blanket on her shoulders and shoes in the wrong feet. Yang Fu watched her and got enlightened.

Any spontaneous thought, that comes from within our minds can help us penetrate the shell that surrounds us.
Therefore even frog’s croaking can determine a spontaneous and profound enlightenment.

buddha is in the house


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