Mokudo Sesshin at Hoboji

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Master Taisen Deshimaru - Mokudo Sesshin at Hoboji

For the past 2500 years, the Zen practice has been developed without interruption from master to disciple. The Western Europe met with this tradition in 1967 when Master Deshimaru, The Bodhidharma of Modern Times, came to Europe to teach the True Dharma. He lived in Paris for 15 years, time in which he founded more than a hundred dojos and a Zen temple, La Gendronnière. He died in 1982, leaving his followers with the mission to teach the true essence of Zen.

So the Mokudo Sesshin that starts today at Hoboji Temple will commemorate 34 years since this great master entered in Nirvana.
Even though this message has been added at short notice don’t hesitate to visit and practice if you are in Hungary.
More details on this facebook event.

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