Mokusho Sesshin 2016

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Mokusho sesshin - Etienne Senku Mokusho Zeisler

In this time, in his temple of Hungary, Hoboji, and in the ten directions, together at the same time, the Great Sangha of the disciples of Master Deshimaru emerged to pay homage to Etienne Senku Mokusho Zeisler. Conferring him the posthumous honorific title of Sobo, treasure of the Sangha. May his great wisdom and compassion protects the lineage forever. In presence of representatives of the lineages of Suzuki Roshi and Maezumi Roshi and the head of the Buddhist Hungarian church, bearing witness, we chanted the Dharani and gave him this title.

These are the words of Yvon Myoken Bec at the 25th anniversary year of Zeisler’s death.

This happened last year when a new series of sesshins was initiated in order to celebrate the memory of one Zen masters who always looked east.

One could say that Zen is like a language that each and every being can understand if a certain context is given. He or she can say that Zen melts barriers and cultural differences, Zen brings people together, Zen changes lives. And is not about good or bad, better or worse, it’s more about acceptance and Master Zeisler new that Eastern Europe was ready to embrace the Zen practice.

So, before his death in 1990, Zeisler asked Yvone to enroll in a life changing situation; move east and teach Zazen. A quarter of a century later, and a new sesshin was born so that we shall all bring homage to a man who understood Zen’s universality the same as the masters before him.

Therefore, come between 1st and 12th of June at the Mokusho sesshin. It will take place at Hobo-ji Pilisszentlaszlo, Hungary, and it will be directed by Master Myoken.
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