Rakusu Sewing Sesshin & Japanese Calligraphy at Bilberry Hill Centre – 2016

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kesa sewing detail

This will be a Zen Practice sesshin devoted to the sewing and repairing of kesas and rakusus to be led by Zen Nun Valérie Yashō Guéneau.

Rakusus are garments which are presented to people when they receive Bodhisattva ordination (also known as jukai or receiving the precepts) as well as monk or nun ordination (a rakusu is a 5-band kesa worn around the neck). Additionally, monks and nuns are presented with a 7 band kesa at their ordination. In our tradition, we usually make these garments ourselves

On Saturday and Sunday there will be zazen before breakfast and after supper with 2 periods of sewing in between. On Sunday we will have a half day of zazen, lunch and then samu before going home.

Japanese Calligraphy

During this sesshin we will also be offering workshops on Japanese calligraphy. The workshops, which are aimed at those with little or no previous experience, will be led by John Callaghan, who has practised shodo (the way of writing) with his teacher, Keiko Harada, since 1997. Early booking is recommended as space is limited. All equipment and materials will be provided.

For more informations and registration please visit the following link, IZAUK-Event.



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