A tree becomes Buddha

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Has this tree Buddha nature

Today we continue with our sixth illustration, a great parable on Buddha nature.

If you’ve practiced Zazen, you’ve most certainly heard about Buddha nature and probably at some point you’ve asked yourself, who has Buddha nature? or what is Buddha nature? or where is Buddha nature?
One could say that it’s in you like in any other beings while other might say that it’s everything. But words won’t satisfy you and you’ll try to find a way to get an answer. However, no matter the path it’s impossible to grasp Buddha nature in a cognitive kind of manner.

Now, words will have no meaning in trying to explain it, but could trigger the spark that will send you in a dojo or in any other place where you could find an answer. In the same manner, the following illustration aims to be an eye opener or a kyosaku while you feel sleepy.

– Master, has this tree Buddha nature?
– Yes.
– And, when it will become Buddha?
– When the sky will fall.
– And when the sky will fall?
– When the tree will become a Buddha.

Buddha nature is the ordinary nature of all things. Getting to understand the true nature of the universe is to understand the true meaning of Zen.

a tree becomes Buddha


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