9 things about a sesshin – The Zen Universe

There are a plethora of things that one might do/see/experience/understand while attending a sesshin. However, I wanted to extract just a couple of them which probably are most common among regular Zen practitioners.

1. Fidelity
The main characteristic of pain while in sesshin is fidelity.

2. Exceptional
Most of us run away from kicks, except those from kyosaku.

3. Non-Verbal
While in sesshin you’re most likely to really understand others by non-verbal communication.

4. The Link
If you step on your cat’s tail, it will cry in the belly of the guy next to you.

5. Paradoxical
In Zazen, even if you stand still, you stumble on thoughts.

6. The practice
To master the practice means to master the attention.

7. The attention
To master the attention means to master the practice.

8. The dragon
If you want to tame the dragon you have to bring the center of the universe in the point between your thumbs.

9. In Zazen
The spider weaves it’s web silently.

Photo – Big Mind Zen Center