The Bodhisattva Vow by Kosho Uchiyama
A person who discovers the direction of his life in zazen, who vows and at the same time lives by repentance through zazen, is called a bodhisattva.
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Sesshin at Saint-George VD
Directed by Master Myoken Bec – 5th and 6th March 2016 Zazen The Zazen practice is the Zen essence. Seated on a cushion (zafu) and facing the wall, legs
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Schools of Buddhism – Tibetan BuddhismResources
Schools of Buddhism – Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism, usually understood as including the Buddhism of Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan and parts of China, India, and Russia, combines the
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Zen – In a PeanutShell – The Zen Universe
Millions of people today are fascinated by Zen, even though Zen teaches them to believe in “nothing” and that everything is illusory and impermanent.
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The Zen Universe – All you need to know about Zen.
There are a plethora of things that one might do/see/experience/understand while attending a sesshin. However, I wanted to extract just … A person who
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pele-vs-pele-330x230-6134795Motion picture
Motion Picture Archives – The Zen Universe
Nalin Pandya a.k.a. Pan Nalin, a self-taught filmmaker, was born in a remote village in Gujarat, India. He disliked school, … With Little Buddha, Bernardo
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zen practice Archives – The Zen Universe
Is been a long time since I first got at Hoboji, one of the main Zen temples in the Eastern … A new half-day sesshin to start in London at the end of the
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Gutei – and the finger of enlightenment – The Zen Universe
Gutei (Chinese: Chu-chih) lived around the ninth century,  his dates of birth and death are not available, since his real name is not 
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Taisen Deshimaru – The Zen Universe
Taisen Deshimaru (Yasuo was his given first name) was born in on November 20, 1914, near the town of Saga, on the isle of Kyushu. His mother was a fervent
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Celebrating the Buddha’s birth – The Zen Universe
For over two thousand years, Buddhists around the world have celebrated the Buddha‘s Birthday. Traditionally, his birth is supposed to have been in 623
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