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monique-receives-the-kyosaku-poland-1987-330x230-1933011 There are a plethora of things that one might do/see/experience/understand while attending a sesshin. However, I wanted to extract just … masaaki-komori-628157-unsplash-330x230-8100407 A person who discovers the direction of his life in zazen, who vows and at the same time lives by … eno-1-330x230-1686119 *Original excerpts from the book Sit: Zen Teachings of Master Taisen Deshimaru.   MANY ZEN SCHOOLS Originally there was one teaching, … main-qimg-350457f25d7c4259801aa845f1ec0b42-330x230-8903864 *Words by Sava Chankov (originally written on Quora)   I spent the last year in a Zen temple in the Hungarian capital … d8ddee3b81277a1c2c5f9d0bf735e164-330x230-8787489 Excerpts from To you by Sawaki Kôdô Rôshi * Translated from Japanese by Jesse Haasch and Muhô. The complete book … sawakikind-284x230-8438011 Excerpts from To you by Sawaki Kôdô Rôshi * Translated from Japanese by Jesse Haasch and Muhô. The complete book … etienne_mokusho_zeissler-300x223-2807408 *kusen given by Master Zeisler in Enköping, Sweden, 15th, April 1987.   During mondo, somebody asked: „You always say strong, strong, strong.” Strong … uchiyama-sawaki-323x230-7313183   *Excerpt from the book Opening the Hand of Thought by Kosho Uchiyama   Satori and Zen seem to have such an … ying-et-yang-by-julien-arnaud-330x230-6589740

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*by Norman Fischer (originally published at Buddhadharma Magazine – Spring 2014.)   From the beginning, Norman Fischer never had much use for … kosho-uchiyama-2-330x230-9014255 *Excerpt from the book Opening the Hand of Thought by Kosho Uchiyama   One day at Antaiji, I received a visit from …

buddha-in-the-dojo-at-sheringham-sesshin-2016-330x230-9517878 Sheringham is a small seaside town situated in the Norfolk County, Eastern UK. Along the years, the Sheringham Youth Hostel … wabi-sabi-330x230-4499329 Wabi-Sabi’s roots lie in Zen Buddhism, which was brought from China to Japan by Eisai, a twelfth-century monk. Zen stresses … cucumbersage-330x230-1829084 Anyone who is familiar with Mahayana Buddhism, in general, and Soto Zen, in particular, is also familiar with the term … tibetan-buddhism-330x230-4101238

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Tibetan Buddhism, usually understood as including the Buddhism of Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan and parts of China, India, and Russia, combines … whyzen-330x230-6073802 Embarking on the Buddha Way, or in other words, starting Zen practice, is in many ways a journey of discovery. … mindfull-330x230-2288741 There are many different ways of understanding mindfulness: as a personality trait, as a meditative state and practice from the … sesshin-saint-george-2016-330x230-7478852 Directed by Master Myoken Bec – 5th and 6th March 2016 Zazen The Zazen practice is the Zen essence. Seated … pele-vs-pele-330x230-6134795 Is been a long time since I first got at Hoboji, one of the main Zen temples in the Eastern … 51y2tuqxoql-330x230-1898924 Description: A dramatic reconstruction of the life of the great Japanese monk Dogen, who lived in Japan in the 13th … nichiren-buddhism-330x230-3845248 Nichiren Buddhism is a Japanese Buddhist movement in the Mahayana tradition. Nichiren Buddhism differs from other schools of Buddhism in …