How Many Cards Are There in the Dragon Tiger Game?

Do you enjoy playing baccarat at your favorite casino? How about casino war games?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then we have some good news for you! Dragon Tiger is the unofficial fusion between these two games that’s been the hot topic in gambling circles for a while now.

The game is played with 52 card deck, and the rules are quite simple! Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this game: odds, rules, and strategies to make you a pro in no time whatsoever.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

The game is played with 52 cards


As we’ve mentioned before, Dragon Tiger is played with exactly 52 cards. The ace has the lowest value, while the king claims the highest. So, besides the ace, all cards are ranked the same as they’d be in poker: ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, J, Q, and finally the king. So, if you’re used to playing with a standard deck, you won’t have any issues remembering the value order. It’s as simple as it gets!

Now, there are certain variations of this game, but almost every single one of them uses the standard deck. So, 52 cards, a gambling table, and some chips are everything you’d need to start playing.

If you’d like to check it out without betting any real money at first, you can do so online. There are a couple of online casinos that offer a “practice” mode to help you ease into it. Otherwise, you can always find a free gambling simulator to try out your luck before you invest your money into Dragon Tiger casino lobbies.

There are three options to bet on

Each player has three options to bet on: Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. Once everyone at the table has placed their bets, the dealer deals two cards face up and the card with the higher value wins. If the cards have the same value, then it’s a tie.

Both Dragon and Tiger options have a 1:1 payout, while the Tie option has an 11:1 (or in some casinos 10:1) payout. If you’ve bet on the Tiger or a Dragon, and the cards are equal in value, you get half of your bet back.

Now, as we’ve said before, some casinos offer additional options you might want to look into before you start playing. For example, you could bet on Tiger or Dragon hands to be red or black suits or odd or even numbers. Either way, these are not a part of the standard Dragon Tiger experience. Do your own research on the casino of your choice to ensure you understand your options correctly.

Either way, this game is as simple as it gets. You’ll only need a couple of hands to get the gist of it, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

You can play it both online and at a local casino


If you’re wondering where to start playing this amusing casino game, don’t worry! As we’ve already mentioned before DRAGON TIGER is extremely popular. Your local casinos should be offering the chance to play it at their premises!

Of course, since it’s not as popular as poker or baccarat just yet, there’s a chance smaller casino in some regions still don’t have a Dragon Tiger table. Don’t let it disappoint you. There are many online alternatives that are just as enjoyable as playing in a real casino. You just need to find one that is licensed and has suitable bonuses and payment options. Do your research and you’ll find your new favorite place to play Dragon Tiger sooner than you may think.

The best strategy is to avoid the Tie option

While the 11:1 payouts on the tie option certainly seem attractive, it’s far from being an optimal choice in your games. You could lose a lot of money before you manage to catch a tie. We’re not saying you should never push for this option when you’re feeling lucky, but if your main goal is to earn a profit, we’d stay away from it as much as possible.

Certain analyses show that the house edge on this option can get around 13% in most casinos – there’s a slim chance you’ll get that lucky.

Besides that, of course, we must urge you to gamble responsibly as much as it’s possible. Be rational about your budget, and don’t ever let yourself get carried away in the casino. Even if you’re a casual player who only wants to have some fun, you shouldn’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. It’s the golden rule of the casino – make sure to remember it every time you decide to sit at a gambling table.

The game is highly influenced by Asian culture


When you think about Dragons and Tigers, your first association probably has something to do with the Far East. These symbols are taken from Asian tradition and culture, which is also one of the reasons why it’s enjoyed by many. The atmosphere that gets created during these games can get quite intense – combine it with the symbolism and you’ll feel like you’re gambling somewhere far to the East.

If you’ve been interested in Asian card games, Dragon Tiger is an excellent place to start. As we’ve already mentioned before, it’s played with a standard card deck, which is extremely beginner friendly. This especially goes if you compare it to other Asian card games such as Koi-Koi in which you would need to use a Hanafuda deck instead.

The bottom line

Dragon Tiger is probably one of the most beginner-friendly casino games to date. It’s as intense as baccarat, and just as fun as Casino War. It can be played both online or in some brick-and-mortar casinos, depending on your region. The rules of the game are quite simple: there’s a 52-card deck, you try to guess which of the two options will be dealt a higher-value card (or perhaps a tie), and then you win or you lose.

Either way, it’s a game worth trying out!