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4-immeasurables-3899299 The Four Brahmaviharas, or Divine Abodes, are often translated as ‘the immeasurables’ or ‘the ‘immeasurable minds’. The four immeasurables, are … the-way-starts-here-detail-330x230-1453790 The seventh illustration continues with Master Qianfeng’s story. A disciple asked Master Qianfeng: – All the ways lead to Buddha, … schools-of-buddhism1-330x230-9628208 Buddhism is one of the oldest religions of the world. Buddhism is practiced by a large number of people in … kyogen-up-in-a-tree-330x230-8492090 Kyogen’s Man Up a Tree Case: Master Kyogen said, “It’s like a man up the tree, hanging from a branch … etienne-zeisler-330x230-5011977 Etienne Mokusho Zeisler, the treasury of the Great Sangha of master Deshimaru, died on the night of the 7th to the … ego-330x230-6563916 Latin for I, ego seems to be a most confusing word, used by different people in very different senses. These … wabi-sabi-330x230-4499329 Wabi-Sabi’s roots lie in Zen Buddhism, which was brought from China to Japan by Eisai, a twelfth-century monk. Zen stresses …

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