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sengais-calligraphy-330x230-2452736 Our 3rd illustration talks about life and death as seen by monk Sengai. Maybe through this small koan, you will … ox2-330x230-1892795 From ancient time, all traditions have set up “paths” of spiritual development.  The Zen Oxherding Pictures show the passage from initiation … half-day-of-zazen-330x230-3626171 A new half-day sesshin to start in London at the end of the next month, April 30, at the Caledonian … showing-the-moon-330x230-8655268 The 2nd illustration talks about a nice story in which a nun is questioning Huineng’s understanding of the teachings. Enjoy … 4945050001_faa507c565-330x230-7698210 Prajnaparamita hrdaya sutra  KAN JI ZAI BO SA GYO- JIN HAN-NYA HA RA MI TA JI Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, while meditating … the-monk-and-the-fish-330x230-7644934 Today we start to post Zen illustrations or comics that will hopefully bring a new understanding of what Zen is … daruma-huike1-330x230-1040138 When we know that there is no separation Between this body and Buddha What is the use of looking for … buddhist-sutra-chinese-ink-acrylic-on-canvas-2013-330x230-9224133 Quietly often watching good calligraphers is nothing but deceptive, as they tend to look very relaxed on what they’re doing, … ecuador-zen-temple-work-in-progress-330x230-1351422 Next weekend, 24th-27th of March, the Amazon will witness another samu sesshin. This is just one from a long samu … tumblr_mw7adrwwjd1sz7axzo1_1280-330x230-6021830 What does “ensō” mean? Ensō is a Japanese word meaning “circle”.  The term refers to a hand-drawn circle, produced by a …

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