14 Pros and Cons of Switching Banks

Are you eager to switch up your bank? Looking for a reason to try out something new? A lot of businesses and individuals tend to switch up their providers to experience better deals and some perks that other banks can’t offer. However, there are always pros & cons when it comes to making this step. Keep on reading and understand if switching is the right move for you.

Top 8 pros of switching your bank

Here are just some pros & advantages when it comes to switching your bank that you should look into and consider.

1. It is a quick & easy process

Source: moneylion.com

Nowadays you can create an account and switch to a new bank in a matter of minutes! No more reason to wait in line and wait for what seems like an eternity to finish off all the paperwork and registration process. Now, you can do most steps and clicks on your computer and simply collect your new card at the facility or have it sent to you via mail.

2. It is a smart move to do if you are unhappy with your provider

No one can keep you at their bank as their loyal customer if you are unhappy with their service. What do you think of their benefits, as well as deals that they have to offer? If you are picky or if they don’t meet your criteria just know that you can always move on and choose someone new.

3. Save money

Some banks have better fees than others, and some will offer you better deals that truly do pay off and help you save money in the long-term period. Sometimes, we might even pay for a service that we don’t need, but it is included in our package. Find the best provider and an amazing deal that works for you.

4. Enjoy a better service

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One of the reasons why you might want to switch up your bank is due to the variety and overwhelming options that are out on the market. Most banks are trying to step up their game just to stay in tune and on topic with all the latest trends. There are plenty of new services constantly coming out on the market, which is great if you are picky and demand the best service!

5. You can tailor it per your needs

You can always tailor your bank deal and go for options that suit your needs. Do you work at a large company, or are you a freelancer? Catering your package and tailoring each new feature per your needs is something that not everyone can offer you.

6. Different money saving goals and policies

Having more than one bank account could allow you to distribute your money and keep your savings in different ways and with different providers. You can easily reach your saving goals, as long as you know how to manage your assets. Some banks could have an amazing emergency fund, as well as deals for families or individuals.

7. New perks to offer

Source: aarp.org

Are you looking for competitive interest rates, great customer service, or affordable and low fees? Some online features and online banks will have higher interest rates, while your actual in-person place might not make the same deal or offer.

8. You can experiment

Switching banks isn’t an easy thing to do, unfortunately. Did you know that 50% of consumers don’t want to switch to a new bank – even if there is a chance that it can give them better deals? Sometimes we love to stay within our safe comfort zone. However, new accounts & experimenting with them will allow you to find something that suits you & your needs as a consumer, you just need to be open to new possibilities.

Top 6 cons of switching your bank

If you are wondering what could possibly go wrong and you’re not too sure what are the cons, we have your answers + we have looked into these for you. Some of them are:

1. Changing your details on stationery

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You will always need to check and provide your CASS with the needed information. Doing paperwork over & over again and checking your financial documentation can be a time-consuming process, for sure.

2. You might have some issues with your credit file

Your new bank will ask for your previous files, as well as investigate your soft or hard credit process. This also leaves the possibility of being declined by your bank + your resume can look too funky if you’ve been constantly switching and choosing new banks.

3. Losing some previous perks

You could build up a lot of perks in the previous years, which is why you could lose the benefits from your previous provider. Be aware of this fact before you make your switch.

4. No more solid connections or relationships

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There is a good chance that you ended up finding an amazing account manager who is well-aware of your finances. Be prepared for the possibility of losing him or her yet ending up with someone that doesn’t understand your vision.

5. Incurring fees

Some banks will ask you to have a minimum balance on your card to avoid any potential fees. This minimum balance can make an impact on your financial state if you hold an account in several banks.

6. There is a potential risk of fraud

Fraud protection measurements should be on your list of priorities. However, if you have plenty of accounts you can easily become a victim of cyber attacks, as well as criminal frauds. Check out this website to see records of people charged with criminal fraud.

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