Should I Update My Apple iPhone to the Next Operating System Software?

There’s nothing like the thrill of getting your hands on the latest and greatest Apple iPhone. That might be why there are more than one billion iPhone users around the world!

When you first bring your new device home, everything is shiny and up-to-date. Yet, it doesn’t take long for time to take its toll. Every so often, Apple will release a new version of its operating system software.

In short, this is the computer system that keeps your phone working properly. While you’re not required to complete every upgrade, you’ll notice the difference if you skip even one. Today, we’re sharing why these steps are important and the benefits of complying with them.

Patch Critical Security Flaws


Did you know that hackers infiltrate 30,000 websites every day? In fact, there’s a new attack somewhere on the web every 39 seconds! We don’t have to tell you that it’s important to keep your phone safe from unscrupulous intruders.

Your iPhone operating system is designed to recognize these attacks before they happen, and prevent them accordingly. However, the efficiency of this system can wane over time.

Old and outdated software is a major target for would-be hackers. They can recognize when an OS has a vulnerability and will stop at nothing to take advantage of it. This is especially the case with malware.

Malware is designed to target security flaws in software applications, such as your email platform. It can also affect websites and browsers. Often, Apple will release a new OS version to patch security holes and defend its solution against such attacks.

If you bypass these updates, you could leave your OS at risk. If a hacker is able to work their way into your smartphone, they could have access to a range of critical information, including your financial data, passwords, bank login, and more.

Improve Device Efficiency

Your phone might have started out lightning quick. However, it now seems to be slowing down just a bit. As with people, devices can start to show their age over time.

You don’t have to rush out, wait in line, and buy a new phone each time this happens. Can you imagine the expense this would create? Instead, take the time to upgrade your iPhone each time it reminds you to.

New software isn’t just more secure. It also works better. Bugs and bottlenecks that plagued older versions are corrected, and strong features are made even more robust.

Plus, it’s also faster! Many iPhone users find that their devices are quicker and easier to use when they comply with required OS upgrades.

Enjoy New Features


You don’t have to download every app on the planet to increase the usability of your iPhone. What if you could enjoy exciting new features in just a few clicks?

When you upgrade it, you can. Many times, these upgrades contain new features or extra tools that you might have missed if you skipped the process. You may also find that your device is more compatible with other applications and devices.

For instance, it can be challenging to sync your iPhone with your Mac laptop, especially if the devices are from different timeframes. By upgrading your iPhone, you can help expedite this process and make it smoother. For instance, if you’re thinking about upgrading to the latest iOS 1.5 version, then check out this site to learn about all the new features you can expect:

Save on a New Phone

As mentioned, you can improve performance and efficiency by simply upgrading your iPhone. You don’t have to purchase a new device, even if yours is a few years old. You’ll find that if you keep yours in line with the latest release, it will last much longer.

If you hold fast to your original system, you’ll find that your phone is slower, clunkier, and more vulnerable to attack. You can try to download new apps that promise to speed it up or fix common bugs, but nothing beats working with the latest OS.

Protect Others Around You


Think about how many times your iPhone interacts with another device. Every time you send a text, forward an email or reply to a social media message, you’re sharing your data with the data on another phone.

This constant connectivity is known as the Internet of Things. While the always-on connectivity is great, it can put everyone’s device at risk. If your OS experiences a hacker attack, you could pass a dangerous link to someone else without even knowing it.

When your system is working hard to protect you against those invasions, you’re less likely to experience such a snowball effect. This keeps your device safe and makes your data exchanges more secure.

Navigating the Upgrade Process

The good news? It doesn’t take long to upgrade your iPhone. Most of the time, you simply have to click a button to allow the process to begin. On some devices, you don’t even have to do that!

Many phones will upgrade automatically unless you put special measures in place to prevent it from occurring. If you allow these automated upgrades to occur, that’s one less thing you have to worry about!

If possible, schedule your upgrades to occur overnight. While they don’t take too long, they could be a hindrance if you require your phone for work or personal use during the day. That way, when you wake up, your phone will be fresh, up-to-date, and ready to use!


Is It Time to Upgrade Your Operating System Software?

We’ve all seen that notification ping on our phones. It’s time to update our operating system software. Should we schedule it now, in a few hours, tonight, or tomorrow?

If you’ve been tempted to ignore the notification altogether, think twice. This step is simple and straightforward and can protect your phone against a range of issues. It can even help it last longer so you don’t have to spend as much money on the device over time!

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