Pros and Cons of Using Online Video Editors

In today’s world, one does not need to spend money on costly video editing software. There are multiple cheap or free video editing software that can help you do that. You get all the basics with these. You can easily cut, extract, edit, apply filters, use different audio tracks, merge multiple files, etc. But there is a caveat. Yes, they are free or cheap, and yes, they have simple UI for anyone to understand and use, but they do have a few downsides.

So, before you start to edit videos online, understand the pros and cons.

What are the pros of using online video editing software?

The pros of using online video editing software are as follows:

1. Easy to use:


The best part of online video editing software is the ease of getting them. The internet is filled with multiple good video editing software like InVideo. This tool is made for people who have never used video editing software before. They have a very simple UI that is easy to understand for anyone who wants to edit videos online. They offer multiple visual effects and come with many handy tools to help you easily edit your videos.

2. Free to download:

Another pro of online video editing software is that they are free to download or directly accessible on the web. Software can help you create quality content without having to purchase. Many have cloud storage and allow the users to upload their files to the cloud for easy access from any device, anywhere. In addition, free video editing software comes with all the basic tools needed for editing videos. They also have a wide range of visual effects to add to the video.

3. Add-ons:


Many of the free video editing software come with multiple add-ons that can enhance the experience. They are made in such a way that they improve the user’s experience by adding new tools or enhancing the overall use of the application. They are done either by the company that created the application or by third-party users calling them mods. They are frequently updated and are easy and free to download.

4. Updates:

All software needs updates, and free online video editing software are no different. These applications get free updates that enhance the quality of use. These updates are rolled out frequently, and the user is notified. These updates bring new features and safety regulations to the software that make it easier or safer to use. They also often update with new features or tools to enhance the experience of the application.

What are the cons of online video editing software?

The cons of using online software to edit videos are:

1. Limited tools:


While some video editing software that are free allow users to use all the tools they have at their disposal, others do not do so. Most video editing software keep some tools or features locked until you pay for the entire package or buy the software. This gives people limited access to the software.

2. Expensive:

Some online video editors are free, while others are paid for. The paid ones offer a trial version in which the user can check out the interface and is given a select few features to use. This trial version is also time-bound, which means that the software is no longer usable after the fixed days of free use. This can easily ruin your work if it were in progress when the trial period expired. Most users who are just starting video editing do not have that big of a budget to spend on a licensed version of the software.

3. Watermarks:

Many free as well as paid video editing software come with a watermark of the software on the final product. This is because you haven’t bought the entire software. It is only removable when you pay for the full, paid version of the software. This can easily ruin your finished video with a distracting watermark on it. Users need to keep this in mind when going for online video editing software.

4. Safety risk:


Many people tend to go for the free video editing software they find online. Unfortunately, this comes with the risk of downloading malware if you are not too careful. You should always download video editing software only from the company’s website and not from third-party sites. Fake software can damage your computer as well as steal your data.

5. No customer support:

One of the worst issues with using online video editing software is that there is no customer support when things go wrong. Many people have to resort to forums to get help in solving their issues. It is also prevalent in paid software. But, in the free ones, you are often left with no reply from the developers for weeks to months on end.

6. Bugs:

Online video editing software is full of bugs unless you use the paid version. These can easily ruin your video editing process. They can easily damage the raw file as well as delay your project. Free video editing software is often full of bugs that are hard to get around and often need to be uninstalled. This hinders your journey while you edit videos.


There are multiple video editing software online that can help you edit videos. But you must always see the pros and cons of using them. There are a range of free ones that can be downloaded but do they give you all the features you need? Or should you invest money and pay for video editing software? The above-given points should help you decide better.