Most Common Weaknesses Examiners Have Reported Finding in Student Assignments

It is not a rare case that students find some subjects more challenging. Also, it can be difficult to cope with all of the assignments, especially at the end of the year when they have to pass their final exams. Besides that, it is common that they find some subjects more complicated, and it takes more effort to pass the exams. Students must prepare for the following tasks in time, but the main problem is that many of them get easily distracted.

However, the issue can be related to their understanding of some topic, and in case that you just can’t pass over some part of a certain subject, it is necessary to find a solution and learn it before the final exam. The great thing is that you can find assistance online, and get lessons from experts where you can improve knowledge in a particular sphere. For example, if you need help in learning web development and Python programming language, check FineGrades.

Moreover, one of the main issues is related to essays and similar assignments. According to professors and examiners, a lot of students are having issues with the ability to address the right questions, write clear sentences about the main topic, use a proper form, create accurate conclusions, and much more. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the most common weaknesses in the assignments according to professors.



As we already mentioned, one of the main issues is related to easily losing focus on studying and getting distracted. Procrastination is common among students, which is not a surprise considering that they are using smartphones and other devices all the time. It is not unusual that a short break where you wanted it to last only 5 or 10 minutes can easily turn into hours of chatting with people and watching posts on social media.

Besides that, there are video games, online streaming services, YouTube, and many other online platforms that are entertaining and could make people lose focus from learning. That will cause big mistakes with assignments, and professors are aware that procrastination and not managing your time properly is the main reason why you weren’t able to answer all of the questions or analyze some topic with more depth.

Poor Structure


Another weakness is related to the form of assignment. For instance, if you have to write an essay or short story about some topic, it is essential to provide it in the right form. In some cases, you will get a lower grade only because you didn’t use the right form in the test. According to professors, that can indicate that a student was less interested in the subject, and he tried to finish as fast as he can. Also, some subjects require special forms for a more transparent appearance.

Besides the technical form, you should determine the right content for each part of the assignment. For example, the introduction part should consist of basic info about the following thesis. After that, will have to represent your analysis, and write an accurate conclusion in the end. Moreover, it is necessary to add sources and be sure that your work is unique. In case that you simply copied someone other’s work, you are risking getting serious penalties and a bad grade for that subject.

Lack of Knowledge


Many students will try to learn only the most important parts of the lecture by thinking that it will be enough to pass some test. However, professors are aware of that problem, and that is the main reason why they are using essays as a method to check if they have the required knowledge. On the other hand, many of them will use the service where they can pay someone to write the essay for them, but that is only a short-term solution since the examiner can always check that by asking you a couple of questions related to the topic of your work.

They are noticing that a large number of students lack in adding additional information and expressing that they understand the lectures. In that matter, you can find yourself in trouble in case that you get additional questions related to the assignment, and you don’t know the correct answers. That means that you should never try to use some technique that might help you to pass the assignment while avoiding to learn enough at the same time.

How to Deal With These Weaknesses?


First of all, you should learn more about the most common issues in learning, which will help you to determine your main problems. For example, if you find it hard to focus, try various methods and include short breaks more often while you are studying. Also, turn off the phone and determine the number of lessons that you will read. Moreover, you can include the reward system, where you can use the phone, play video games, or eat sweets only after you successfully learn one part of the lesson.

That will help you to find motivation. Furthermore, proper organization is the key to successful learning. You have to be familiar with the subject, and determine enough time to finish the assignment before the deadline. Also, try to focus on those lessons and learn even small details because that might help you to understand the subject much better. The beginning is always most complicated but will notice the improvements over time.

Last Words

It is crucial to know that you won’t pass the exam by using any tricks, and even if you manage to pass once, you are risking getting penalties each time when you try to cheat. When it comes to essays, the key is to be original and to understand the essentials. Professors are aware of the challenges and that some topics can be more difficult. However, if you show enough effort, you could get a higher degree even if you had some mistakes. The best way to avoid serious problems with lectures is to keep the pace and study every day.