Empty Fun or Chuck the Monk

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Empty Fun or Chuck the Monk

For many people Zen could be anything but fun. However, that’s not the case for Carlos Valencia and Diego Otero who created Chuck the Monk.

Empty Fun or Chuck the Monk

This is a comic strip about a cat who is both a brain scientist and a zen monk, so most of the strips portrait, with a bit irony and satire, a dialectic humor that tries to stir those important questions we are so existentially trying to avoid.

Now this project got to a level where all its bits have to be gathered under the same roof, a book. So the creators proposed a crowdfunding campaign for those that might find the project beautiful, interesting and worth spreading and backing with their pledges. They offer some awesome rewards, such as digital posters, the e-book, autographed and dedicated paperback books etc.

This is the link for the campaign, you don´t have to be a member of Kickstarter to contribute.
Kickstarter campaign


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