Best 6 Downtown Chicago Penthouses


Chicago is an important and well famous place representing real beauty of nature with beautiful and astonishing houses. The building made by people offers to live and start you work there. Moreover, some downtown Chicago penthouses are another reasons why people love and like these houses. In this article we mentioned about best 6 downtown penthouses in this area. If you want to see more here’s a big list for you.

Let’s now have a look on these houses one by one!

1. Eleven 4 O


Eleven 4 o is an important and well reputed house specifically if you want to enjoy a beautiful summer time house. Here the humidity and warm season is very attractive. Not only this but enjoying all types of chores is just astonishing. It’s a house where all people like to live and love to spend some time here.

Here are the roofs and pools which are elegant to look and spend some precious time with your loved one. All types of additional necessities including hot spot WiFi and other facilities are free of cost here. With 26 floors and a pool with all important and astonishing features, it’s a place where you can get real comfort of life and beauty. It’s incredible view with a deck type shape is all about what people love. So, if you want to enjoy a beautiful summer with your business, you are recommended to live and enjoy here.

2. Streeterville


Streetervill is beautiful campus and downtown Chicago penthouse of Northwestern university near the Northwestern hospital. Here are popular hotels and grocery stores of all types you wish. It’s features are weekly displayed at Navy Pier in summer specifically to attracts people’s attention daily. If we talk about it’s most visiting part and place, its The Ferris wheel at Navy Pier which is just like a heaven piece. With beautiful views, bedrooms and other necessities of life it’s another house which is famous in Chicago. And if you want to get an outside entertainment, 465 North Park is just a matter of love for everyone. It offers unparalleled life style for everyone who can afford it easily.

3. Milieu


It’s the most favorite downtown in Chicago of those who live there for permanent and for those who visit this once in their life time. Milieu with all best and astonishing features, not only provide beauty and comfort of life but offers all kind of facilities which most of people needs in daily life. With all luxury apartments and other professional places, the house provide unlimited happiness to all viewers. Here you can live with your family for visit or for a long term business activity according to your wish and need. Join this apartment and start working here without any resistance to enjoy some peaceful days of your life in reasonable rates and considerations.

4. Nema


Another place in Chicago which have a tallest view is Nema which is based on the result oriented products and a number of different viewers who comes daily to visit. It’s such a big house and place that everyone love this place and wants to live with families or alone. Enjoying nature and other activates on daily base here is no less than enjoying a highest entertainment point all over the Chicago. It have 76 floors in total with a height of 869 streets which helps people to enjoy nature and beauty of life.

Beautiful clouds at the sky which offers a well attractive moment for all at night or evening specifically. The sky view here is such an awesome moment that no one leave behind to see again and again once visiting in whole life. It have a personal playground with an area of 70, 000 square feet which are well famous all over the world. And if we talk about inside view of the downtown there is unparalleled beauty with well decorated bedrooms and sofas including other facilities of life.

5. 451 E. GRAND AVE


Want to know another well reputed and decorated penthouse in Chicago, 451 E. GRAND is the best example for every one of you. With a number of astonishing features and all necessities of life here it falls in category of top 10 beautiful penthouses Chicago. Real beauty and real enjoyment is what peoples offers and look for. It is a park type area basically which is located in its neighborhood also named as streeterville attracting thousands of people everyone from all over the world.

It have 67 floors in total with 69 unites of condo and all luxury buildings here. No one but the beauty of nature and beauty of parks attracts everyone. Even if you wish to enjoy company of your friends alone, this is the best choice for you. On average it covers an area of 1.5 acres for only one park. So, come and enjoy this place with beautiful scenes of nature.



If you want to know another beautiful and enjoying state there is not more beautiful place than 1000 S. MICHIGAN AVE in Chicago. It’s famous not due to it’s beauty only but with high quality of buildings, floors and amazing fruitful parks for health is another reason of love to this place. With 5 different floor plants the place is full of luxury condos, units, sky residencies and other attractive scenes of life. So, if you want to come up and join such a place just contact to owner and have an appointment as soon as possible before someone else fills this all.

It have not only luxuries but have other centers including fitness center, and exercise places which make a man’s place perfect right according to his/her wish.

Final Verdicts

Above is a complete detail about top 6 downtown in Chicago penthouses. If you want to know more about these all, hit the contact button given below. Moreover, you can read the link above for a detailed analysis according to your wish. We are here for you all 4/7 to appreciate your queries.

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