5 Common Beginner Dab Rigs Accessories for First-Time Smokers

Are you a beginner to the smoking world? Have you ever tried using complicated apparatuses before, like bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs? Well, now may be the time! Let’s see some of the most common and most useful accessories for dab rigs that you should consider using for your next smoking session.

5 Common Dab Rig Accessories

First thing’s first – what are dab rigs? If you have never heard of this type of smoking mechanism, we don’t blame you. Dab rigs are typically not used for beginners, since they are more complicated in terms of using, setting up, and cleaning. However, if you feel like you can begin learning how to use a dab rig safely and efficiently, then keep reading.

A dab rig is a type of water pipe that is specially used to smoke concentrates instead of flowers. With bongs, you will find that you add the type of flower that you want to smoke into the bowl – you can use either indica or sativa flower. With dab rigs, you will use concentrates and a nail in order to heat and smoke the concentrate once it has heated to a certain point.

By using the dab rigs, you can smoke concentrate and get a strong and flavorful high without having to worry about the type of flower used. Concentrates are great for you to get a strong and intense high and flavor with a new smoking method! But how do you use dab rigs?

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Simply put, dab rigs work by using the nail, bowl, dome, and the concentrate. The nail is a piece of the dab rig that is either made out of glass or quartz, and is used to heat the concentrate. You can use either an e-nail or a regular nail that you have to heat with a torch to get to the right temperature. The next part of a dab rig in the dome, which is the top of the nail that helps keep the concentrate on the vapor inside of the apparatus to avoid any wasted flavor or potency. Lastly, the bowl is the potion of the dab rig that is going to be housing the vapor and holding it for you to smoke when you inhale on the mouthpiece.

1. Carb caps

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One of the main dab rigs accessories for beginners is carb caps. Carb caps are a type of small mechanism that is used to plug the hole in the dab rig. Without the carb cap, the vapor would escape as soon as you start to smoke the concentrate. You can use the carb cap manually to control how much vapor you want to let build up within the bowl – if you only want a small hit, you can remove the carb cap sooner. If you want a bigger hit, then you need to remove the carb cap later. You can buy different types of carb caps that have various styles and colors to customize your dab rigs!

2. Dabber tools

The next type of accessory you can commonly use with dab rigs is dabber tools. This is a type of small mechanism that looks something like a short, metallic pencil. This utensil is used to help place the concentrate onto the nail and safely touch the concentrate without getting any items on your fingers or touching hot substances. You can buy different dabber tools based on the feel and the look that you’re going for.

3. Nails

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The next accessory that is commonly used for dab rigs is the nail itself. With the nail, you can either choose from a regular nail or an e-nail. Although an e-nail might be more expensive, it is usually a good choice for beginners to use the e-nail; they will not have to manually heat the nail when it comes to using their concentrate. E-nails are a good choice for new users, as it automatically heats the concentrate to the precious temperature that is ideal for inhaling.

When you are looking for an e-nail, make sure you choose one that is reliable and trusted. E-nails can also be combined with other types of dab rig accessories, such as a nectar collector. By buying a multi-use device that can be used as a portable e-nail, collector, and battery, you can use this type of mechanism with all of your ab rigs!

By using the e-nail, you can quickly and more easily get your concentrate ready to smoke in no time at all! Since you will be using the e-nail and nectar collector, you can get the effects of the concentrates in a simpler and easier way – avoid using butane torches and use this multi-faceted product for your next smoking experience!

4. New glass attachments

Another type of accessory that you can use for dab rigs is a type of glass attachments. Attachments are a great way that you can customize and personalize your dab rigs instead of using the same exact mechanism every time. The glass attachment can range in size and shape based on what type of smoking experience that you’re going for. You can easily customize and transform your smoking accessories into the perfect dab rig by using in tandem with a butane torch to heat your dab rig, percolator, mouthpiece, and other items!

5. Quartz banger

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The last type of accessory that you can use as a beginner who is experimenting with dab rigs is a type of quartz banger. You can customize the type of banger that you want, choosing between the various joint sizes and colors of the banger! The quartz banger lets you visualize the temperature at which you are heating the nail, ensuring you reach the precise temperature and you do not overheat or underheat your concentrate. By knowing when the banger is hot and the concentrate is ready to use, you can make your dabbing experience easier and safer!


If you’re a beginner to dab rigs, make sure you look into these accessories to have a safe and fun experience. Use a quartz banger, glass attachments, nails and other items to make your beginner dabbing experience as safe, fun, and efficient as you can!