What type of EMF products provides the best protection?


Nowadays, one cannot imagine life without mobile devices, personal computers, laptops, tablets, televisions, and many other similar devices. The reason is that all of those devices provide entertainment and allow us to access the internet, and there is a large share of need in the business world. Technology is evolving so fast that in a year or less, new models of different things are emerging devices at different prices so everyone can afford them. But nowhere is it stated from what time of year individual devices may be available to users or until what time of year prohibits their use. No one cares if the user is a child or an adult or uses the device for an hour or a whole day and no one knows how (safe) all these devices are. There are two reasons for this: the first reason is raw capital and race competition for as much profit as possible, and the second reason is people’s awareness and ignorance.

What is an electromagnetic field?

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Electromagnetic pollution is any amount of radiation greater than natural and we find it all around us. It is partly due to the radiation of the Sun and the Earth, but yet most of the radiation comes from man-made sources. In the last twenty years, with the advent of mobile phones and the creation of the ozone hole, came is to a significant increase in electromagnetic pollution. While all these devices have brought us big changes in life, for example, a few mouse clicks are enough to send letters and the letter is sent to the desired person, with these changes came a certain risk. Every win is accompanied by some bad side. That downside is the health risks that the emission of all unnatural electromagnetic fields brings with it. Electromagnetic radiation in contact with tissue causes certain biological effects, which may have health consequences. Health the consequences of non-ionizing radiation are mainly manifested as tissue heating, eye or skin damage. Such damage is mostly transient and occurs only at prolonged exposure.

How does EMF affect a person?

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When a person is under the influence of either a magnetic or electric field then there is no danger of consequences such as tissue damage. If a person or animal is under the influence of both forms of the field at the same time then a problem arises because this exposure for the consequence is then most often permanent tissue damage. This gave rise to the word “electromagnetic” radiation, which is really dangerous. As already mentioned, electromagnetic energy propagates through space in the form of an electromagnetic wave, which we present as two interconnected and time-varying electrical and magnetic fields.

There are non-thermal and thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation. Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields are most commonly associated with the development of cancer, although it has not yet been proven that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between exposure to extremely low-frequency fields and the development of serious diseases. The thermal effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body are manifested by an increased body temperature. Dangers of exposure to thermal levels have been identified electromagnetic radiation and this makes the basis of the limit values ​​of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

EMF protection

Electrical devices such as television, radio, mobile phones, etc. you should not be in the bedroom because during sleep our defense mechanisms in the body are reduced and we are very sensitive. Electric devices must be switched off completely after an operation.

Some of the natural sources of radiation are the sun, natural gases, cosmic radiation, and radon. Sources of artificial radiation are antennas, cigarettes, televisions, mobile devices, substations, power lines, and medical devices.

The biggest threat to electromagnetic pollution is that our senses are not developed enough to feel their harmfulness before it really harms us.

Although we cannot completely protect ourselves from negative radiation, we can reduce it in several ways. In addition to the fact that we do not need to keep mobile devices in the room where we are sitting, we need to turn off the TV when we are not watching it, EMF Harmony believes that there are many more things you can do for your health, and buying EMF products is one of them.

It is a very decorative piece of jewelry that fits perfectly into any style while protecting you from devices that emit EMF. This is a sure way to complete your styling and do something good for yourself and your health. In addition to jewelry, today EMF can be protected from the negative effects in various ways, and one of them is the purchase of an anti-radiation sticker that is affixed to a mobile phone or other devices that emits it. If you opt for this option, consider all the home appliances that the label will need.

Final thoughts

We live in a time of fast technological change and development. The development of mobile communication systems and a sharp increase in installed base stations as a source of electromagnetic radiation has popularized the issue of research into the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body Many devices that produce electromagnetic fields and scatter electromagnetic waves come on the market without sufficient prior verification their effects on human health. The reason for this is the aspiration of the manufacturer to introduce the product for sale as soon as possible due to the race with the competition and as much profit as possible. Although we are simply forced to follow new technological trends, both through private life and through education and work, it is up to each of us to try and protect as much as possible.

On the other hand, it is almost impossible to scientifically prove the absence of negative effects of a product. Some effects may be cumulative, meaning that their existence can only be detected after prolonged exposure. The scientific community should play a key role in informing the public and politicians who pass laws on limit values for exposure to electromagnetic fields.

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