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japanese-calligraphy-poster-330x230-3331115 Same as last year, Keiko Harada is organizing a Japanese Calligraphy Workshop. Therefore, if you are a calligraphy practitioner or … buddha-birthday-330x230-3143120 For over two thousand years, Buddhists around the world have celebrated the Buddha‘s Birthday. Traditionally, his birth is supposed to … buddha-shakyamuni-330x230-3699467 The following is an invitation from Reverend Daito Thompson, for all who would like to participate next Sunday at Hanamatsuri … zen-sesshin-in-gorsko-kosovo-330x230-9944001 After half a century since Taisen Deshimaru came to Europe, the Zen seed has been finally planted in the Balkan … barbara-kosen-si-yvone-myoken-lanne-de-gratitude-330x230-3167762 Half a century passed since Bodhidhama of Modern Times or Master Taisen Deshimaru brought the Zen practice to Europe. He … buddha-statue-at-hoboji-330x230-9215402 Body with no tension, mind with no intention For me this was the leitmotif for the last Ango period. Constantly … kesa-sewing-detail-330x230-6511966 This will be a Zen Practice sesshin devoted to the sewing and repairing of kesas and rakusus to be led … refreshing-breeze-wind-shodo-330x230-3044974 Keiko Harada is one of the few UK residents to teach Japanese Calligraphy in general and ‘Zen Calligraphy’ in particular. … buddha-525883_640-330x230-4558472 In 21 May 2016, Buddhists around the world are celebrating Vesak – the birth, Enlightenment, and passing away of the … etienne-senku-mokusho-zeisler-330x230-2864186 In this time, in his temple of Hungary, Hoboji, and in the ten directions, together at the same time, the …

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