Deshimaru Year, Sesshin of Gratitude at Shorin-ji – The Zen Universe

Half a century passed since Bodhidhama of Modern Times or Master Taisen Deshimaru brought the Zen practice to Europe. He opened a new chapter in Europe’s spiritual environment, by planting the shikantaza seed the same way Dogen or Bodhidharma did long before him.

If 50 years ago Zen practice was only an exotic expression, maybe used by orientalists, nowadays thanks to Deshimaru, it’s a way of living for thousands of people across the old continent. This is the reason why his disciples declared 2017, Deshimaru year.

The Holy activities of Deshimaru year will begin with a sesshin in the purest sensei style, preserved in Shorinji, at Barbara Kosen with Mokusho Zen House and many former disciples of Master Deshimaru, fifteen days before the big sangha reunion at Gendronnière.


For further information please send a message to zenkan.com or mokushozen.hu.