What is Zen? – The Zen Universe

Today we start to post Zen illustrations or comics that will hopefully bring a new understanding of what Zen is all about. At this very beginning, we propose illustrations that are inspired by a South-Korean publication. However, all these images are ordered online for The format for these articles will be very simple, a quote with the text in the comics and then the illustration itself.

We start with the first illustration that asks the following question, “What is Zen?”
Is more like a teaser to make you understand that we are about to post illustrations that might answer this question. In fact, if you really want to find the answer then go and practicing yourself with a certified Zen sangha. However, for beginners, the illustrations that we are about to add on our website are a good starter too.

No matter the way you will see these illustrations, just as some fun drawings or meaningful messages, try to give us a feedback with your thoughts.
Thank you.

Once a small fish asked an old one:

– Lately I hear talks about the sea. What is actually the sea? – The sea is what actually surrounds you. – But I … why I can’t see it?

– The sea is in you and everywhere around you. You were born in the sea and will die in the sea. The sea covers you as the skin covers your body.