6 Ways To Know If Healing Crystals Are Legit Or Fake

Health is a very fragile thing and we all know that if we don’t take care of it, we will eventually get sick, our immune system will suffer and we will end up in a hospital bed.

When it comes to health, we tend to do whatever we can to keep it up for as long as we can. Thanks to our jobs and life in general some can keep their help better than others. Some of us have the comfort of walking a bit more, exercising regularly, some sit less, some take more vitamins, and we generally do whatever we can to retain our health.

Thanks to modern medicine and the modern education our physicians, specialists and doctors have managed to prologue our lives and keep our health stronger for longer periods. When medicine fails or does not give desired effects there are alternatives, homoeopathic cures, meditation and other ways of healing your should and spirit including the topic of today’s article – crystals.

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As you can see, we decided to make an article discussing the ways you can tell if your healing crystals are legit or fake. Many people who sell these will use the fact that you need help and that you are desperate and will sell you any rock painted in fun colours and call it a crystal.

1. Check the vibe

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Whenever you are going crystal shopping, especially if you are going in person, which is what we advise, always check out the vibe of the store. There is a certain feeling you will get and you will instantly notice if the shop is legit or if they are doing this just to take your money. All of us shopping for crystals for the first time are clueless and need a lot of info. The shop that can provide you with the info you need, explain everything and talk you through everything is legit. Those that sell crystals and that don’t know anything about them are fake and they are most definitely in this just for the money.

2. Check the temperature

One fun thing about crystals is that they have a temperature lower than the ambient one. If you are in a crystal shop and if you are looking for a new crystal for yourself then you need to touch them. Go over them with your hand and feel their temperature. They should be colder than your hand and they shouldn’t be room temperature. If your crystal is room temp then it is most definitely fake. Crystals, stones, and gemstones are supposed to be cold and colder than the environment and if any of these is not then your fake alarm needs to go off.

3. Naming

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Crystal names should be made to be appealing and a bit self-explanatory but what we have noticed is that some of the crystals, not all to be clear, with sort of fruity names are most likely fake ones. A name like strawberry quartz is appealing enough to the buyer, it is a good marketing feat but it most likely isn’t real. Crystals with names like this are most likely dyed and they will not give the same type of energy as you would get from a legitimate raw clear quartz. There are some crystals with fruity names that are extremely good, just steer clear of those that look dyed and that looks suspicious.

4. Colours

Since we mentioned the colour of the crystals in the previous tip we can’t but elaborate a bit more because this is another way you can be perfectly sure if you have the real or fake crystal. Set aside its name, its temperature and the energy you get at first, what does its colour look like. If the colours are too bright and popping you most likely have a fake crystal. Some have bright colours but they are also translucent and just look more natural if you can get what we are trying to explain. Colours that nature makes have something special about them that is hard to explain but once you notice that difference you will see what we are talking about. Take one crystal that you know is real, look at it carefully from all angles and with all ways and sorts of lighting and you will see what we are talking about.

5. Air bubbles

Source: unsplash.com

Another thing that can instantly give away a fake crystal is the presence or absence of air bubbles. When you get a real crystal, straight from the ground and not man-made, you will most likely find one that is scratched up beaten split into several pieces but there is one thing you will never find in it and it is air bubbles. Fake ones are filled with air bubbles and that will indicate that your “crystal” is most likely a glass piece that someone has made into a crystal. This is a very fast way of telling and it takes a good eye and a thorough inspection. Another way to know glass from crystals, especially if you have some clear ones, is to take them against some writing and see if the letter gets magnified or not. If magnified, the crystal is fake.

6. Weight

Crystals have a certain weight to them and it is specific because way smaller pieces can weigh more than some fake ones that are almost double the size. Crystals contain lead and other metals in them which is the real reason these real ones always will weigh more than fake ones that are 90% made of glass, dyed pretty and given fancy names.

If you love crystals and if this is the thing for you then with this little pointer article you can easily distinguish the real from fake crystals and save yourself some money along the way. Some of you probably don’t care about money and you just want a crystal that will emit some sort of energy you need or that will resonate with you on a deeper level, well this will help you find those real ones. Fake crystals can be nice and pretty and you can have a separate collection of pretty crystals that do nothing at all if you like, but if you are hunting for a real deal for any reason then this guide is for you.