A Guide for Leveling up in World of Warcraft

The World Of Warcraft provides extravagant avenues and leveling to the gamers and gives the best aesthetic real-life gaming fantasy backdrops. The five cosmology has many expansions and leveling that give you a different and tremendous dose of virtual fantasy gameplay. If you are a newbie or a veteran player, you will always be amazed by the features of World of Warcraft and other things like evolving MMOs and the rewards that hold your attentiveness and make you more invested in the game.

Every player wants to improve their gameplay and get the best expansion and leveling to enjoy the game at its utmost level. Here we will assure you to give the best and the most appropriate tips to help you choose the right leveling zone in the world of Warcraft.

For Choosing best level for battle scenes:

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  • For plot combinations and best XP, the warlords of Draenor and Legion are some of the best leveling backgrounds. It gives a wide variety of action horror and battle scenes that make them more interesting, hold your attention, and make you more enthusiastic about the game.
  • The leveling contains enthralling stories, thrilling and commendable raids, and new and mind-boggling dungeons.
  • Fantastic green and astounding aesthetics make people get invested in a game for a very long time. It has an amazing quest and twist, making it more enthralling and the right level to sharpen your gaming skills and make you a pro gamer in World of Warcraft.
  • The story and the backdrop of Draenor make it more astonishing. The garrison system and hidden treasures are some of Draenor’s best features that make people spend their time in it. You can level up subsequently if you choose the expansion of your interest.

Prime expansion for fastest leveling:

  • One of the latest Wow developments is Shadowlands that have removed the Pathfinder achievement that was used for flying, and this is how it makes it further easier for the player to level up and for leveling it much faster easily.
  • You can also use the amazing Garrison feature which is also known to be the home base at the time of expansions. For missions, you can also use the mission features to help you gain unique rewards. This is also how it will help you to level up easily.
  • Shadowlands is known as one of the quickest expansions that help you level up with some high-end and advanced features that make it more interesting for the veteran or the newbie players to stick onto the game and help them level up easily.

Choose the best mesmerizing storyline:

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  • If the storyline is exciting and commendable, it helps to hold the inquisitiveness of the player. This will help you to level up more easily as you will want to reach the last level as soon as possible to see the ending of the story and enjoy the ongoing playing.
  • For the immersive storyline, you can play Mists of hustle. rIt has immersive developments, and it will take you in the world of the mythical island of Pandaria along with the conflicting Alliance and the Horde.
  • The storyline will eventually help you jump to different levels. Its exciting features and development make you more curious and assure you to give exemplary playing experience and the advancements of levels.

Choosing best classes for leveling up:

Many people can choose a class to speed up the level, especially those thinking of solo leveling up. There are some of the specific Wow classes and specs for every kind of MMO player as it will help you have good group function.

Some of the best classes with great leveling speed consists of:

  • Druids: it can quickly help you pull many mobs using a specific feature, DoTs, and is good in the spread of the AoE damage that can assure you to level up the gaming.
  • Mages: another one is Mages that have the is commendable for the crowd controlling and damage.

It mainly depends on your efficiency and playstyle that gradually helps you level up the game, but classes also play a good role in sharpening the gaming.

You can choose many different specs and classes like the Protection specs and Arms class if you like to have a sword; for other items like tanks and healers, you can choose the DPS specs as it will directly help you in leveling up.

Use addons for leveling up quickly:

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There are many addons in World of Warcraft that help you speed up and make your way faster and easier. You can also use your consumable at the right time, which will help you to maximize the leveling speed.

Some of the addons that are used by many pro gamers that have helped in the leveling up are:

  • Speedy AutoLoot: With the help of Speed AutoLoot, you can quickly increase the speed at which you can loot things from chests and mobs; this will gradually help you save a lot of time and loot much faster, which also helps you in leveling up the game faster.
  • Azeroth Autopilot: This add-on is one of the most appropriate and must-have addons as it helps the player provide a list of steps that will guide you towards your next objective much sooner in the game. It will help you get an idea about where you have to go, what quest you should focus on, and your next objective.

The Takeaway:

The expansion and the leveling up are integral parts of Wow, and these are some of the main factors that hold the players’ attention. Leveling up helps you to enhance your gameplay and amazing rewards.

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