What Makes a Maine Coon Cat Breed So Different

Do you love cats and want to pet one? If yes, you can buy a Maine Coon cat. They are one of the most beautiful cats in the world. This breed is different from others in many ways. From personality to appearance, the cats of this breed are unique as compared to normal ones. But what makes them so different? You might be curious to know about it. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed analysis regarding the same.

The main difference between them includes their size, growth rate, eyes, personality, and appearance. We will discuss all these things in detail so that you can make a perfect choice whether you want to pet it or not. If you already own it, it is essential to understand how to take care of them. Many websites and platforms provide helpful tips for petting this breed in a proper manner. One of the most reliable websites is mainecoonhawaii.com. Here, you can find everything related to Maine Coon cats that will help you take good care of them.

When it comes to buying a pet or maintaining its health, one needs to know certain things before deciding on anything. There are a variety of breeds, and every breed is different from the other in various aspects. Thus, it is better to gain some knowledge about the distinction between each one of them. Read along as we discuss the contrast between Maine Coon cats and normal ones.

What makes Maine Coon breed so different?

You won’t be able to recognize this breed by just looking at the appearance. The characteristics, behavior, personality, and features play an essential role in the same. Having some knowledge about these might help you understand the comparison more precisely.

Size matters a lot

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The most distinct feature of this breed is the size. These cats are usually more giant as compared to normal ones.
It is because their bone structure is massive. The bodies are rectangular, so they look slimmer in structure. If we talk about their paws, they usually appear bigger in both grown ones or kittens.


The fur of these cats is thicker. Due to this, they look like long-haired species. Other breeds do not have a large amount of fur in them. It doesn’t matter if it is a baby Maine Coon cat or a big one; their fur is fuzzy, long, and soft. This feature makes them genuinely fascinating.

People often like to pet hairy pussycats. Maine Coon breed might be a perfect choice for them. Another difference regarding fur is that some parts usually have longer hair than other parts. The body parts, including the belly and legs, have more hair while the shoulders have less hair. In the chest area, you might find a bunch of hairs.

Whenever a kitten grows, the fur becomes more prominent. So, if you own one, you will see its fur increasing with each passing year.

Many people believe that Maine Coon cats have a pattern ‘M’ on their foreheads. But this conception is not valid. You should take care of this thing while recognizing it.

Increased Growth Rate

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It is another thing that attracts people towards these pussycats is their rate of growth. According to many studies, their growth rate is pretty much better than others. They can quickly gain weight in a short period. As a result, their overall size also increases with time. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort while taking care of your pet. All you need to do is perform necessary things good for its health. They will automatically become stronger and healthier if you offer them suitable food by following a schedule.

Affectionate and patient personality

The personality of all these pussycats is alluring. They are affectionate and patient with their owners. On the contrary, normal cats are not as friendly as people want them to.

Your behavior towards them also matters for the same. If you behave strictly to the Maine Coon breed, they might not show their actual emotions and nature. Many people often complain about the nature of some pussycats. They are impatient, unfriendly, and do everything to annoy the owners as well as their acquaintances. To avoid all these things, you should get a pet of this particular breed.

You can read some articles on improving their behavior. They will give you a list of some things to follow in some situations.

Characteristics are unique

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Apart from personality traits, their characteristics are also unique as compared to other normal pussycats. You can recognize them by looking at their paws, eyes, legs, bodies, toes, and more.

  • Paws- Their paws are not only enormous but also round. Whenever you want to check if your kitten belongs to this breed, you should first look at the paws.
  • Legs- Similar to paws, their legs are also prominent.
  • Eyes- The eyes are the most attractive physical feature. They are fascinating and oval.
  • Toes- You can look at their toes. If you find extra toes, then it is an indication that your cat belongs to the Maine Coon breed.

It is significant to note that all these characteristics might not be there in every kitten. But you can learn about these things to find out its breed.

Why should you pet a Maine Coon Cat?

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If you are looking for a perfect pet, then it is the best option for you. Many things make Maine Coon pussycats unique pets. They are as follows-

  • They are friendly, affectionate, and gentle with human beings. So, they can become like your family member.
  • Many normal grown pussycats get annoyed when someone picks them. It is not the case with these unique ones. They won’t get mad at you unless you do anything wrong with them.
  • They are more clingy than other cats. If you want this characteristic in your pet, you can buy it.

Final Words

To sum up, we would like to say that Maine Coon cats are different from normal cats in many aspects. We hope this article was informative enough for you to understand the key differences. You can always come here if you want to know more about this breed in detail.