Museums Worth Visiting in Los Angeles

Many people spend a lot of time visiting museums. There are plenty of reasons why we do this, especially when traveling to unfamiliar locations, new countries, or cities. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the past. Or you can find out more about the place you are visiting or enjoy art and the culture by going to a local museum. Imagine how many advantages such attendance can bring you. It doesn’t only help expand our minds but also enables us to find new acquaintances and friends.

When you are in L.A., you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit the best museums it can offer you. But, of course, there are so many engaging outdoor activities that might drag you back from this decision. Especially when the temperature is so perfect for going to the beach and having fun in the water, however, committing yourself to a daily tour in one of the most popular museums can bring you even more pleasure. So after attending it, you will never regret your choice.

Many young people strive hard to get to L.A., mostly not because of surfing and incredible beaches, but to see world-class museums with unique stories and special ambiance. That’s why students plan to devote most of their time seeing every museum in the city to dive deeper into its special vibe and atmosphere, learn new things, and have an enjoyable and productive stay in this wonderful city.

Suppose you struggle with your assignments and hardly find time to travel to amazing spots of the country. In this case, you can order essay online at, enabling you to explore new things without being overloaded with overwhelming academic work. Use this must-see list to help you attend the top museums in Los Angeles that rival those in New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

1. Petersen Automotive Museum


The place where over three hundred cars are kept and well-preserved was found in 1994. So you have a great chance to explore very rare vehicles and discover the real history of the automobile industry. Those who adore expanding their knowledge about cars would find this museum extremely useful and fascinating. Petersen Automotive Museum is an organization that regularly arranges educational programs which provide people with valuable information related to automobile history. Industrial engineering with interactive teaching exhibits is presented on the second floor, while the ground floor is completely occupied with extravagant automobiles and artistry. The special learning section and Discovery Center are specially designed for kids to teach them basic car fundamentals. So use any opportunity to find out more about this gallery house, making your next dream of riding an exclusive car almost real.

2. Museum of Contemporary Art


This place is famous for collecting and exhibiting contemporary art. Even if you are not a big fan of such things, this largest art museum can inspire you with a lot of wonderful thoughts and ideas. This place is also known as the eldorado of contemporary art. And there is a pretty good reason for that statement. You would find the most developed art collection in the world that is thoroughly housed in one building. The endless variety of paintings, sculptures, and installations thrill the audience with their elaborate creativity and sophisticated style, dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. The mix of styles is gathered so carefully and aimed to shock and impress the observer at the same time. You will find the works of such well-known artists as Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella, Piet Mondrian, Diane Arbus, Andy Warhol, and others. Their masterpieces are permanently shown during exhibitions, so you can see the collection with your own eyes and admire the collections built by gifted people.

3. The Hollywood Museum

Being in L.A. and not visiting the Hollywood Museum is the greatest mistake you can ever make in life. This house of glamor has everything to offer you to satisfy your hunger for history and curiosity. Thus, you will find a large number of posters, scripts, costumes, props, and, more importantly, pictures of the most popular celebrities in the world. If you crave to see cinematographic objects which were used in the best movies that we all love and never get bored with, then this miraculous Art Deco style building prepared something for you. However, make sure you don’t get blinded by all the glitter that comes from celebrities’ iconic outfits and costumes. The collection of clothes includes Marilyn Monroe’s dresses, Elvis Presley’s bathrobe, and other pieces of clothing from famous actors of the present.

4. Griffith Observatory


The Observatory is located on the south slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park. This building provides visitors with the greatest possibility of observing and looking through free public telescopes, which is an incredible experience you will never forget. Besides, it doesn’t take much time or effort to get to the Observatory, as it is situated right in the center of metropolitan Los Angeles. You can get there by using any means of public transportation, or by walking or using a bike. However, you should plan your visit to the place in advance as the parking lots can usually get occupied and the roads are frequently busy. But visiting this place is the number one thing once you get to L.A. because you won’t find anything similar anywhere with such modernized technology, which enables you to look up into the universe. The skies would literally open up for those who love astronomy and can’t imagine life without the beauty of the stars.

5. Norton Simon Museum


This place is a perfect choice for those who are more up to some calm and relaxing environment. Its simple vibe provides its visitors with a more serene and peaceful mood. The good news for real admirers of the museum is that the collection was expanded not so long ago, presenting more work of Old Masters. You will find the masterpieces of such talented artists as Rembrandt, Brueghel, and Frans Hals. The French impressionists are represented by Monet, Manet, and Renoir. After attending one of the exhibitions, you have a chance to contemplate and spend some time in a wonderful sculpture garden.