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japanese-calligraphy-poster-330x230-3331115 Same as last year, Keiko Harada is organizing a Japanese Calligraphy Workshop. Therefore, if you are a calligraphy practitioner or … refreshing-breeze-wind-shodo-330x230-3044974 Keiko Harada is one of the few UK residents to teach Japanese Calligraphy in general and ‘Zen Calligraphy’ in particular. … buddhist-sutra-chinese-ink-acrylic-on-canvas-2013-330x230-9224133 Quietly often watching good calligraphers is nothing but deceptive, as they tend to look very relaxed on what they’re doing, … tumblr_mw7adrwwjd1sz7axzo1_1280-330x230-6021830 What does “ensō” mean? Ensō is a Japanese word meaning “circle”.  The term refers to a hand-drawn circle, produced by a … tools-and-materials-for-shodo-330x230-2631503 In the past people had to make their own tools in order to practice shodo, but nowadays things have changed. … shodo-330x230-4074313 Shodo or Japanese calligraphy Shodo – sho – to write and do – way, hence “The way of writing.” Like …

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