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* “During zazen we are observing ourselves. We are observing ourselves subjectively—we are observing ourselves objectively. So when I say, … barbara-kosen-si-yvone-myoken-lanne-de-gratitude-330x230-3167762 Half a century passed since Bodhidhama of Modern Times or Master Taisen Deshimaru brought the Zen practice to Europe. He … zazen-sign-8344981 Zazen is a Japanese term. “Za” literally means to sit or sitting; “zen” means to meditate or concentrate. Zazen literally means … master-taisen-deshimaru-mokudo-sesshin-330x230-7193651 For the past 2500 years, the Zen practice has been developed without interruption from master to disciple. The Western Europe … master-taisen-deshimaru-explaining-the-practice-330x230-3750706 Amazon prepares a new Zen sesshin directed by Mokurin, disciple of Master Yvon Myoken Bec. Mokudo is a sesshin in …

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