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sawakikind-284x230-8438011 Excerpts from To you by Sawaki Kôdô Rôshi * Translated from Japanese by Jesse Haasch and Muhô. The complete book … ying-et-yang-by-julien-arnaud-330x230-6589740

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*by Norman Fischer (originally published at Buddhadharma Magazine – Spring 2014.)   From the beginning, Norman Fischer never had much use for … kosho-uchiyama-2-330x230-9014255 *Excerpt from the book Opening the Hand of Thought by Kosho Uchiyama   One day at Antaiji, I received a visit from … uchiyama-330x230-1854570

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by Daitsu Tom Wright*   *extract of the book  Opening the Hand of Thought by Kōshō Uchiyama        One of … kodo-sawaki-330x230-5238162

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Quotes by Kodo Sawaki   “Practicing zazen is like a tiger taking to the mountains. It’s like a dragon diving … hongren-9391398 Daman Hongren (Hong Ren or Hung-jen) was the well-known disciple of the Fourth Patriarch, Daoxin (Tao-hsin). He was the man … kodo_sawaki_zen_master-330x230-3181259 By Kodo Sawaki     “Drizzle and dew, mist and clouds cover our bodies. This garment is the kesa. We … daikata-5733013 Drikata or Dhrtaka or Dhītika is the fifth patriarch of the twenty-eight Indian patriarch of Buddhism.  Drikata is best known … 17218527_1011849388948007_448842861101149079_o-330x230-2413251 Zen master Yvon Myoken Bec, founding abbot of Mokusho Zen House in Hungary and Romania, talks about the zen practise, specially … keizan01-6631296 by Keizan Jokin zenji (1268-1325) 1 Sitting is the way to clarify the ground of experiences and to rest at …