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monique-receives-the-kyosaku-poland-1987-330x230-1933011 There are a plethora of things that one might do/see/experience/understand while attending a sesshin. However, I wanted to extract just … scanforjames2-297x230-1852513 Exercises of yoga by Gabriela Sobel zen nun and teacher of yoga This asanas (postures) can be practised in series, or you … uchiyama-330x230-1854570

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by Daitsu Tom Wright*   *extract of the book  Opening the Hand of Thought by Kōshō Uchiyama        One of … product_thumbnail-247x230-6963832

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by Roy Melvyn (Author) – excerpt of the book Zazen, Shikantaza and the Soto Tradition of Dogen   Some people think … buddhist-peace-330x230-8512526 We are all Buddhas, but not all of us follow the Way. In order to enter the Buddha Way, one … santoka1-240x230-2466680 Santoka is considered a unique proponent of “free-style” haiku poetry, a mode that abandoned much of the customary form and … the-seven-factors-of-enlightenment-330x230-7956485

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Bojjhanga (Pali: satta bojjhaṅgā or satta sambojjhaṅgā; Skt.: sapta bodhyanga) are the seven qualities that both lead to Enlightenment and … chod-330x230-3955643

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Chöd and Dzogchen are the sacred teachings of Buddha who taught 84,000 different categories of teachings classified into nine systems … kodo-sawaki-330x230-5238162

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Quotes by Kodo Sawaki   “Practicing zazen is like a tiger taking to the mountains. It’s like a dragon diving … master-taisen-deshimaru-explaining-the-practice-330x230-3750706

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* “During zazen we are observing ourselves. We are observing ourselves subjectively—we are observing ourselves objectively. So when I say, …