Does the FDA Recommend Using the KN95 Mask? Find Out More Here!

Today, there are many different types of face coverings, normal, surgical masks, and barrier options that you see every day. You might see someone walking around with a type of face shield on, whereas another person uses a scarf to cover their face. If you go to a healthcare store, you will see everyone wearing the same type of mask. If you go to the doctor’s office or go to the physicians for your annual check-up, you will see every single person wearing the same type of face-covering in this sterile setting.

So which one is best? Which one is the most effective in protecting against foreign particles, fluids, and the dreaded covid-19 virus? The FDA has set out a list of regulations and the prevalence regarding wearing masks, the necessity of covering your face, and the best face coverings to use for filtration of particles and barrier protection against viruses and airborne illnesses.

Let’s see what type of face coverings to buy online and which one is best for everyday use – you will find out that wearing the KN95 mask is a great option to help protect yourself and others from spreading the virus!

FDA recommendations about the KN95 mask – and much more!

Is there a difference between the KN95 and the surgical masks?


If you are curious about the difference between KN95 and surgical masks, there are a few differences that you should keep in mind before buying a type of face covering for your job or for daily life. A face mask is simply a type of mask that covers the nose and mouth of the user – although it is effective at covering the nose and mouth from particles, it does not meet the filtration level recommendations set forth by the FDA.

On the other hand, the surgical ones are used to meet certain regulations that have been set forth by the FDA and the CDC – they will be able to protect against the transmission of particles and bacteria and can be used as personal protective equipment in healthcare settings. Although surgical ones are the best option to prevent large amounts of liquid, coughing, or sneezing, they are not the best when it comes to protecting against aerosolized particles. In this case, you need to figure out if the KN95 one is the best choice for your job occupation or you should choose another option, such as the filtration or the N95 masks.

Is the KN95 regulated by the FDA?

In short, the answer is no – the CDC recommended that everyone wear it during the covid-19 pandemic outbreak. The mask mandates were required in all locations that were considered a healthcare facility, such as hospital setting, pharmacy, or other location that sick and immunocompromised people would be in. Although surgical products are the ideal option for healthcare personnel who have to be around body fluids and sick people during the day, there are other options that you can use if you are in a bind.

  • Non-surgical masks are not the best choice to wear if you are in a healthcare setting – if you can avoid doing this, then you should do so to protect yourself and others
  • Wearing a KN95 or respirator-type mask could be a good choice for those who are in a setting where small particles can get through the surgical mask or during surgical procedures where there is a high chance of transmission of the disease between the patient and the doctor.

Can I use an expired KN95 mask to protect myself?


Any mask is better than no mask – however, an expired KN95 product will not provide the proper protection you would need to completely protect yourself against a particle and fluids. The face and surgical mask that we see being worn today offer protection at all points of their shelf life – even if they are expired.

If you don’t see an expiration date on the mask or packaging that you bought for the KN95 one, you should consider asking the manufacturer about the duration of the mask’s longevity and how long you can wear it. Make sure you avoid wearing a KN95 one that has any visible tears or rips.

Can I clean and reuse the KN95 mask?

If you are running low on masks and you need to reuse ones to be able to protect yourself and others, then definitely wash it after each use. Even though you may think that this can make it unusable in the future, cleaning and reusing the KN95 one is one of the best ways you can protect against infection and get rid of any bacteria built-up on the surface. Make sure you look into the ways to clean specific masks – the cleaning process of the KN95 products will be different than that of other surgical masks.

What type of mask is the best choice for surgical masks?


Typically, you will find that personal protective equipment is the best choice for surgical masks. Surgical ones are typically those which can be used in healthcare settings by healthcare personnel that contain a high level of particle filtration, resistance to air coming in and out of the mask, protection against liquids, splash barriers, and liquid barriers.

How can I report a problem with my KN95 masks?

In general, the FDA listens to and takes recommendations from people regarding any issues with the masks for sale on the market. Today, the FDA actually encourages anyone that notices issues with the surgical one for face coverings to report the issues directly to them. If you find that there are issues with healthcare facility masks, then you should report this issue to the FDA. You can also submit voluntary reports and other complaints to the FDA safety organization.


As you can see, there are many questions and concerns regarding face masks and the right type of protection to wear during the covid-19 pandemic. Although we are slowly coming out of the height of the pandemic, it will still be a part of our lives for many years to come. We will still have to get booster shots for our vaccinations, wear masks, and avoid putting immunocompromised people at risk. Follow FDA recommendations about the type of masks to wear, wearing a KN95 mask, and the best face cover to wear in specific situations.