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satipattana-sutra-330x230-7450980 And how does a monk live contemplating the body in the body? Herein, monks, a monk, having gone to the … chod-330x230-3955643

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Chöd and Dzogchen are the sacred teachings of Buddha who taught 84,000 different categories of teachings classified into nine systems … dharma-wheel-xx-330x230-6391537

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Cakkavattisihanāda Sutta is also known as The Discourse on the Lion-roar of the Wheel-turner. This Sutra is an important early … hinayana-mahayana-330x230-3307328 The Buddha was a totally realized being who manifested a human birth in India in the fifth century B.C.E. in … buddha-birthday-330x230-3143120 For over two thousand years, Buddhists around the world have celebrated the Buddha‘s Birthday. Traditionally, his birth is supposed to … zen-in-the-20-th-century-330x230-5666331 The word Zen is the Japanese equivalent of the Sanskrit dhyana, meaning concentration, or, more widely, meditation, namely, the meditation … tibetan-buddhism-330x230-4101238

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Tibetan Buddhism, usually understood as including the Buddhism of Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan and parts of China, India, and Russia, combines … chanoyu-330x230-5925335 Also known as the Way of the Tea, the Japanese tea ceremony is the traditional method of preparing and drinking … keizan01-6631296 Keizan is seen as one of the two founders of Soto Zen in Japan. He lived two generations after Great … madyamaka-330x230-2536162 The Madhyamaka school of Buddhism, the followers of which are called Madhyamikas, was one of the two principal schools of …