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empty-fun-or-chuck-the-monk-330x230-3534704 For many people Zen could be anything but fun. However, that’s not the case for Carlos Valencia and Diego Otero … the-way-starts-here-detail-330x230-1453790 The seventh illustration continues with Master Qianfeng’s story. A disciple asked Master Qianfeng: – All the ways lead to Buddha, … has-this-tree-buddha-nature-330x230-4634520 Today we continue with our sixth illustration, a great parable on Buddha nature. If you’ve practiced Zazen, you’ve most certainly … the-painter-and-the-rich-man-330x230-8376045 Today we continue with the fifth illustration that brings up a story which wants to clarify the subjectivity of our … buddha-is-in-the-house-2-330x230-2575310 Once a young man by the name of Yang Fu, left his parents to visit Bodhisattva Wuji, in Sichuan. – … sengais-calligraphy-330x230-2452736 Our 3rd illustration talks about life and death as seen by monk Sengai. Maybe through this small koan, you will … showing-the-moon-330x230-8655268 The 2nd illustration talks about a nice story in which a nun is questioning Huineng’s understanding of the teachings. Enjoy … the-monk-and-the-fish-330x230-7644934 Today we start to post Zen illustrations or comics that will hopefully bring a new understanding of what Zen is …

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