Is It Worth Having CCTV System at Home?

No matter the age, humans have always wanted safety in their life. This safety went far beyond simple housing, requiring some sort of intruder countermeasures for maximum relaxation in our homes. Watchdogs and alarms have fulfilled that role for a long time until CCTV cameras came about. While they were initially only for the wealthier folk, these cameras have become rather affordable over time. They can be seen on a variety of homes nowadays as well as business buildings. However, the question of their actual use is always a thing of discussion. We decided to take a deeper look into the reasons which may edge you towards getting a CCTV camera for your own home and list them out below.

The CCTV camera allows you to monitor your home from anywhere


By positioning a CCTV camera on our home we get constant access to possible mishaps that have happened while we were away. The cameras can be handy for monitoring kids and pets as well as general security reasons, giving us a nice bit of insight into their daily experiences. They can also help us with checking out the weird noise neighbor contacted us about without going back home. The phone compatibility makes these things quickly accessible and streamlined as they can be. By inserting a compatible SIM card into the camera and downloading a monitoring app on our phone we can secure a quick look around our home at any point. According to, a CCTV System Installation service that we employ could also come in handy when it comes to getting tips on additional software we can connect our camera with. Make sure to inquire them to get the maximum amount of use from your camera.

Those who find it difficult to leave their homes unattended during family trips may get some much-needed peace of mind by installing CCTV camera monitoring apps on their phones. The overall ease of use also contributes to a lot more comfortable experience with these cameras.

Lowers the chance of your home being intruded


The CCTV cameras are functional as a way of scaring off burglars. While burglars risk capture every time they enter somebody’s property, seeing a camera monitoring the area will push the levels of risk when burgling that house to a point where the criminal will give up on the target. The additional preparation may not be enough to protect their identity and there’s a very real possibility the homeowner will see them coming with the camera, giving them ample time to call the police while the criminal is still sneaking around. If a house has an alarm or a guard dog, the burglar won’t even make it a few steps in before being spotted and potentially captured.

The best way to capitalize on this advantage of CCTV cameras is by strategically placing them. The most likely entry and exit points are your go-to targets, along with areas that have poor visibility. For example, if the back of your yard is obscured from the rest of the street, the burglars may make their way through there, placing a single CCTV camera will foil their attempts swiftly.

Keeps footage of recent events


The most beneficial part of having a CCTV camera is its ability to capture footage constantly. This way, any events around our household will be recorded as long as they are in the lens of our camera. Of course, this depends on the camera’s coverage and available storage for footage but most standard cameras have considerable numbers in both of these areas. The footage can be extremely useful in the off chance somebody attempts to break-in. The escaping criminal will have their appearance recorded on the cameras and even if they obscure their faces, some identifying traits of their body can be discerned. If the situation calls for it, footage can be used to defuse contentious events that happen in our household or around it. The camera could be catching a part of the street our house is located on and could serve as evidence or clarifying factors for situations that happen there. Even some mundane situations can be solved with the help of a CCTV camera’s ability to store footage. If we are hearing weird noises at night yet we don’t see anybody or anything when we go out to check, revising footage could reveal culprits. Be it neighborhood kids playing tricks on us or critters visiting our shed, these simple events can also be demystified by a simple check of your camera.

Exceptionally easy to maintain and lasts for a long time


The maintenance of the CCTV camera is almost nothing. They are built to last yet the mechanism is kept as simple as possible to prevent potential complications with the internal operation of the device. Cleaning them is an easy task as well, it won’t require anything but a quick scrub to get them back into a top shape. The technical maintenance amounts to basically nothing, the only way you’ll be accumulating more cost is by buying new cameras. The camera itself will last you for a long while. Depending on the quality of the camera it varies between 3 and 10 years, the very cheap models lasting for a shorter amount of time obviously.


As we’ve seen, the cameras can pose a fruitful addition to our household no matter its size. They make us safer and can help us monitor the place while we are away. A properly positioned camera is a great deterrent for all types of criminals. If positioned in a certain, way the camera can keep the whole street monitored and secured, making sure the whole neighborhood feels safe. The added bonus of having a CCTV camera is that it can reduce our insurance cost, depending on the place we live in. The insurance companies recognize homes with CCTV cameras as being less at risk, thus reducing the costs of their services. Of course, you should check first whether this to your situation although it’s not like there aren’t enough reasons that it should be a make or break aspect of the matter. Regardless, we hope this article has helped you decide on whether to get a camera or not as the listed advantages squarely point to it being profitable.