Do and don’ts of owning a cat for the first time?


If you have not had a cat as a pet before, it is important that you adopt some useful information about them. Remember that she is first and foremost a helpless being who depends solely on you. That is why there is no room for mistakes, they can greatly endanger the life of your cat. However, you can find information online, at veterinarians or breeders, in cat shelters, etc. One of the most important things you can do is to equip the age before the arrival of pets. So, you should do everything to make your home and garden as safe as possible for her.

Cats, and especially kittens, are naturally curious and constantly examine objects by touching, sniffing and tasting them. However, if you are not sure how you will secure the house and adjust it to the cat, follow the list of things you should do and should not do at all. When you bring a cat to your home for the first time, the following tips will be very helpful.



When it comes to moving a cat from one place to another, you have to treat it carefully. Keep in mind that it is a great stress for her and that is why you have to make this transfer as painless as possible. Whether it is a big cat or a kitten, she will be scared and will try to hide. Especially if she hasn’t encountered a transporter so far. However, transport from the kennel or shelter should take place exclusively in a closed box or conveyor. You should buy good one and if you don’t have it, visit and read reviews.

It is important to be very quiet during this process as well as the environment around you. Also, do not open the box before you arrive at your destination, because things like this can be very upsetting for the cat. However, when you get home and open the transporter know that she will be very scared. So slowly open it in silence and let the cat react naturally. It will probably hide in a place like a tree, under a bed, etc. This will be the usual reaction of a cat that comes to a new space.


It is important to start developing a routine for your cat in time. Routine is very important to her. It gives her security and you control. Owners usually first teach their pet to defecate in one place, especially when it comes to keeping a cat inside the home.

So, place the bowl in the place where you predicted that the cat will defecate and immediately show her that place. You will probably need to do this up to several times. Keep in mind that a cat defecates usually after a meal or in the morning when it wakes up. That is why the place with the sprinkles must be close and accessible to her, don’t forget that.

Adaptation period


Once you bring it into your home, don’t pick it up right away. Let her adjust to the space first and she will come to you on her own while watching TV or doing something else. Keep in mind that a cat prefers to approach you than you do to her, especially when she is not in the mood for company or is busy. On the other hand, it is important to be there for her all the time and to pay attention to her needs. Cats mostly meow at first, which means she misses home and thinks she’s lost. That’s why it’s important to be with you in the room then even when you’re sleeping. Experts recommend that the cat be in the house for at least 15 days before you let it explore the outside.

This is the time period in which she has to get used to you and the new environment. It is also important to always keep the door closed during this period. This will prevent the cat from escaping before the adaptation period. When it comes time to let her out, you have to feed her in front of your front door and then be with her in the yard. Keep the door open as the cat will keep turning. This should be repeated several times until you are sure that the cat can explore on its own.

Running outside

Every cat, and especially a kitten, is a very curious creature. When you bring it into your home, it must go through a period of adaptation in order to get used to you and your space. It takes some time for her to realize that this is her home now, and it is important that you help her with that. Either way, her curiosity is very often costly. At the same time, she is curious in every way and, unlike people, she will not know what is dangerous and what is not.

That is why it happens that a cat consciously gets into trouble and then you have to prevent it from doing so. Your cat or kitten has a natural instinct to play outside. However, there they are more exposed to numerous diseases and parasites, the risk of getting lost or stolen, and they can be run over by a car. Either way, sometimes you can’t stop her from running away and then it’s important not to chase her. That way they will just run away from you. Instead, call her by rustling the bag. Of course, before all this, wait and check that there are no dangers from cars, dogs, etc. She will certainly not answer the call, because she will not reveal her position.

Parasite control


Your pet deserves the same treatment as you when it comes to her health. Keep in mind that she can have problems like a man, but she will never be able to tell you that. That is why regular check-ups are crucial when it comes to their health. Many owners who have not had a cat so far neglect the importance of this control and are very wrong about that.

Noise is not the biggest pest that can damage your cat’s health, there are many others. These are tapeworms, mites, hookworms, ticks and many others. Remember that many of these diseases can be transmitted to humans, so talk to your veterinarian about preventative care.


There is a season in which your cat will want to find a mate and you will not be able to prevent it if he has access to the outside space. It is a very risky journey for her, because it means that she can get lost or injured. Either way, millions of kittens stay in search of homes forever this way. That is why prevention is very important in order for your cat to avoid their fate. Remember that they can get pregnant as early as 4 months of age and that is why it is necessary to sterilize them as soon as possible, do not delay talking about this procedure with your veterinarian.
We hope we have helped you find all the important information that will allow you to take better care of your pet.

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