10 Tips For Using Custom Stickers For Event Promotion

In this age of technology, people strive for originality and interaction. Anything that stands out from the usual tricks of social media catches the eye of people. Custom stickers are more than just adorable collectables. These can be one of the best low-cost and useful methods to promote your event.

Stickers with catchy designs and your brand’s tagline can definitely attract the attention of the audience. Word of mouth marketing still stands strong in this technological world and custom stickers may be just the right way to popularize your event. Creating custom stickers is the smarter and efficient way for event promotion.

Here are 10 tips for using custom stickers for event promotion.

1. Simple Idea

Source: stickermule.com

Creating a sticker with intense designs and patterns can be a major put-off. The reason people turn to stickers is their simplicity. Including long texts or quotes on custom stickers will only yield the opposite reaction than the one you would have hoped for.

The key to attracting attention towards stickers is by displaying a catchy yet incredible design that represents your brand. The magic has to happen at the exact moment their eyes skim over the sticker. The more time they take to understand and like it, the less attention is grasped by the company. Keep the design simple to get them to notice the brand.

2. Easy On the Detailing

Through stickers, you are trying to get a particular message or idea across. However, adding details to the design over and over in the hopes of making it unique can make it worse. It actually makes the sticker less interesting when decorated heavily with details.

Make sure to keep your sticker design less complicated. Too much work on the design can cause people to lose interest. They prefer to get the idea at first glance no matter how simple it may be. Highlight your idea displayed on the sticker using a normal design with less detailing.

3. Trendy Shape

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Another aspect that one notices first on a sticker is its shape. Custom stickers are available in all shapes. The clear vinyl stickers is the latest trend that has taken the world by storm. The circle shape can fit casual and professional themes easily.

This can offer you a fresh and elegant look for your sticker so much so that it accentuates the design and makes it stand out. If you wish to have funky and unique clear vinyl stickers and stickers of other shapes, Check this.

4. High Contrast Backgrounds

High contrast colours have the power to demand attention even in the busiest crowds. Incorporating this idea into your stickers can work wonders. A sticker that has contrasting colours will undoubtedly be noticed and appreciated by the customers.

Giving the text some colours that contrast with the background colours will make it easier for people to read it easily even from across the room. The main point is to make sure that the text is readable even if the background has contrasting colours. Be sure to add colours that would not dominate the text displayed on the sticker.

5. Matching Colors

Source: orchiddigitals.com

In events, distributing stickers that somehow points to your brand directly can score more customers and fame. Giving the stickers the same color of your brand can help people associate with them easily.

Including the key colours of your brand logo in the stickers creates a link between the brand and the sticker. This way, people get to understand the idea portrayed in the sticker by relating it to your brand message. In some cases, where putting your brand name becomes difficult, using this technique can be quite useful.

6. Readable Text

The main feature of custom stickers is expressing the brand’s idea without depending on texts. The designs make up for the absence of texts and portray the idea. However, if the usage of text is required on the sticker, try to make them legible.

If you have a strong message and want all the attention on it, it is necessary to make them big, bold and eye-catchy. A text buried under heavy design will never be noticed by customers. Make them stand out as much as possible using bold typography.

7. Bring Back Retro

Source: stickershop.co.uk

Custom stickers need to be a step ahead in terms of creativity to get the attention they deserve. And the best way to do that is by giving it a retro touch. The retro theme has won the attention of people nowadays with the help of the vintage vibe that comes along with it.

If your brand is related to the retro theme in any way, this is the best design option for you. The rustic, vintage colors and illustrations can win the hearts of people that come across your sticker. Create a retro-style sticker to bring a whole different side of creativity to the events.

8. Goofy Characters

Nothing can get a person’s attention as much as a funny cartoon. Our eyes automatically lock onto the piece that shows goofy characters. Using the same idea for stickers can actually work in your favor.

We can’t help but notice characters with funny quotes or expressions. Even if a text is displayed with these characters, people will unintentionally take their time to go over it.

This minor observation time is enough for them to understand the message depicted through the sticker. Distributing your brand stickers with funny characters will surely grab the attention of people in an event.

9. Create in CMYK

Source: jukeboxprint.com

Creating stickers using CMYK is more important than it seems. When the sticker design fails to show off its quality once printed, it’s because it was set in RGB. Designs created using RGB tools tend to have a more powerful outlook in the digital version than in printed form as the machines are equipped with CMYK.

While designing a custom sticker, make sure to use CMYK mode or convert from RGB mode to CMYK mode before printing in order to retain the quality.

10. Use Creative Symbols

The usage of symbols on a custom sticker can make them more pleasing and attention-worthy. The ability of symbols in a sticker to deliver a message without many words is astonishing.

While creating sticker designs, choose symbols that best represent your brand and the message you wish to deliver. This allows people to grasp the meaning behind the symbol and relate it to your brand.

Even though sticker designs demand simple and common symbols, make sure to move on to the creative side to make your sticker unique in all aspects. Selecting the right symbol and the right idea to pair it with it is the vital part.


Creating and putting up custom stickers can be the best way to promote an event. With a crowd that demands trends and originality, stickers made using these tips can definitely be a game-changer. Show-stopping designs and relevant messages on your brand stickers can get your brand noticed.