The Truth About CBD Oil For Cats

When it comes to pet care, there are some things that many people do not know. It is usually due to the culture surrounding it, as the issues differ from country to country. For example, it is known that many areas in Asia do not care about dogs and cats at all. They are often left on the streets to breed and die while also living through the hells of city life. We can also find it here in the West, but most people are also pet lovers who would not want to even let their beloved animals out of their sight.

However, the most common misconceptions always lie upon their health. There are too many pet owners who would just start assuming the status of their pet’s health without going to the physician. It is rather dangerous to try and self-diagnose for us humans, but doing it to animals is also questionable. For one, most of them do not have the intellectual capacity to understand what is happening. If we include the language barrier, then the difficulty increases tenfold, as this link says.

Pet Care & Ownership


On the other hand, there are also things that we can do as owners when it comes to their health. It might be tricky to do so since they cannot speak, but we can always familiarize ourselves with their cues. Example for dogs, they mainly communicate using their tails and barks, so it is rather easy to surmise their current feelings. It is still crucial to make sure that you are doing the right thing, though, or else it might be detrimental to their health. One of the most popular things that most owners do these days is introducing a supplement for their pets.

There are many supplements these days that target animal health and wellness, but most people are wary of it. For one, some of them might not have the right amount of research, and yet they are being sold as effective. Oftentimes, these products rely on non-scientific evidence, which can be proven wrong through various trials and studies. However, there is one option these days that is often considered the safest and most effective: cannabidiol or CBD.

You may already be familiar with CBD and its medicinal properties. CBD’s growing role as an alternative to addictive medications has earned it a great deal of popularity in recent years, cementing its place as an alternative medicine powerhouse across the world. With companies like Zamnesia making CBD products increasingly accessible, CBD is fast becoming a viable addition to your health routine. CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from the flowers of the cannabis or hemp plants often using an oil-based solvent such as vegetable oil. Before you ask, it is still illegal in various countries, but the US government has been rather positive in its reception. Some states are trying to block its legalization due to cultural or religious reasons, but many others have become accepting of it. It has been the trend these days, with celebrities and other public figures investing and swearing upon its effects.

Its effects on humans have been mostly documented and backed by science. There are even certain diseases that have accepted CBD as their main way of treatment. Psychology and psychiatry have also benefited well as there are many disorders that CBD may have the potential to help. Some of the studies are still in their infancy, but the acceptance is already there. However, it is rather different when it comes to pet care.

For one, these animals have different anatomy than us even though there are overlaps. The drug might not work the same way in our system compared to theirs. There are even some reports saying that it is probably poisonous to be taken by canines. It makes sense since it is supposed to be consumed by humans. If another species takes it, then it could be dangerous to their health and potentially ruin their life.

The Real Truth


Based on current research, though, pure cannabidiol is relatively safe for mammals. As long as you give them the right dosage, then you do not need to worry about poisoning them. There are also various products these days that are meant for animal use, so you might want to check those out. It is rather easy to find them as well since you can look online like on the cheefbotanicals website. As you can see, it is convenient to find pet-related products now, especially for something like this.

There are also many issues that CBD can tackle when it comes to their health. One of its main uses is an analgesic since it helps to numb their senses. Some people would try to give cannabidiol oil to their pets so that they would recover from injury or surgery with a few hiccups. We all know that most cats are active, even if they are already in pain. Cannabidiol can help them get through it based on research.

As it calms their body, it has also been used to treat sleeping disorders. Some cats and dogs have them, especially those who suffered from abuse since they are on high alert all the time. Cannabidiol can help them sleep and let you sleep as well during the night. You do not have to stay awake from their purrs of pain. For dog owners, take a look at some of the other ways that pet owners do:


If you are still apprehensive about using this product, then we would always suggest visiting a veterinarian and hear their professional advice. You must take them to the vet regularly anyway so you can pop this question to ease your mind. Most veterinarians are open-minded about it, but some are also questioning its distribution because it is still not approved by the US FDA. Nevertheless, their advice would help ease your mind regarding CBD or if your pet does need it.