Holland Green ─ An Autumn Design ─ What to Love About This Style as We Spend More Time at Home

Darker nights and colder temperatures might be a dreadful thought for many, but there is some beauty involved in this time of year generally – not just the introduction of pumpkin-infused coffee flavours.

If you were to ask Holland Green what we think of autumn decor, we’d love the cozy atmosphere it can create in your home.

Let’s look at how we can help you with putting together a stunning look at home with the colours and moods that this time season brings.

What is an Autumn Look?

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As you know, the nights have drawn in as the clocks go back. For this reason, we think it could be hugely beneficial to introduce some lighting in your home that creates a warm ambience. Ways you can do this include floor lamps that radiate lighting on your flooring, maybe next to your bookshelf or in any corner of the room in truth.

Scented candles are a favourite for many too, who not only want that subtle lighting effect but get a fragrant aroma wafting through whichever room you choose.

Next, we’d select choosing your furniture or additions to your home wisely. Without going overboard on the brightness, opting for dark orange colours or light browns can deliver this cosy feel to your abode – they’ll go well with the soft lighting you’ve brought in too. New cushion covers, dining table cloth, and even bed sheets make all the difference this time of year.

Anything made of wood tends to add to this effect. An oak TV cabinet or side tables will achieve this look quite simply, reminding you of the change of seasons we see outside. Colour schemes in general are important.

The Harvest season is synonymous with this time of year before the freezing temperatures reach us, and what better way to celebrate this than with table-top or door-hung wreaths with seasonal decorations could be what you’re looking for. Even keeping your fruit bowl topped up with red apples and green grapes might add those more subtle touches.

Why Consider Decorating Your Home With an Autumnal Feel

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Increasingly as the summer leaves us, more and more people are searching for those Fall aesthetics that can transform your home for the better.

At Holland Green, we’re adept at helping you deliver the look that suits you. Everybody is different and some people will prefer certain tastes to others, which is why we put such emphasis on listening to what you want and doing the best we can to meet those needs.

As an award-winning business with an expert eye for timeless appearance, we bring your interior dreams to life. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.