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Quotes by Kodo Sawaki   “Practicing zazen is like a tiger taking to the mountains. It’s like a dragon diving … master-taisen-deshimaru-explaining-the-practice-330x230-3750706

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* “During zazen we are observing ourselves. We are observing ourselves subjectively—we are observing ourselves objectively. So when I say, … 17218527_1011849388948007_448842861101149079_o-330x230-2413251 Zen master Yvon Myoken Bec, founding abbot of Mokusho Zen House in Hungary and Romania, talks about the zen practise, specially … half-day-of-zazen-330x230-3626171

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By Rev. Kenshu Sugawara (Center for Soto Zen Studies)    1.     Shikantaza as the essential doctrine of Soto Zen Buddhism In … 51n4re0zebl-330x230-1142836 Japanese Master Eihei Dōgen (19 January 1200 – 22 September 1253) was not only a key figure in the development of Japanese … zazen-sign-8344981 Zazen is a Japanese term. “Za” literally means to sit or sitting; “zen” means to meditate or concentrate. Zazen literally means … whyzen-330x230-6073802 Embarking on the Buddha Way, or in other words, starting Zen practice, is in many ways a journey of discovery. … what-is-zen-330x230-6480170 Zen! You may have heard this word several times already, and this is a very good thing, I promise you. …