Are Hemp Seeds Different From Regular Seeds – 2024 Guide

Marijuana has been around for a while. For most people, it’s seen as a drug, and not something else. But, are things just that grim? There must be more to it, right? Of course, there is. If you’ve been following the story of cannabis closely you know just how much the narrative has changed. The plant has evolved, and these days it is legal in many parts of the world. Because of this, you deserve to know more. For one, hemp and marijuana are not one-of-a-kind plants.

We don’t want to be misunderstood. They belong to the same species. That’s a fact. They’re both cannabis. If you look at it from a scientific point of view, there’s not much difference. But, when it comes to cannabis, we need to be aware of another point of view – the law. The two see it differently, and when it comes to conclusion it comes down to the level of THC. For all of you, unaware tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical in the plant that gives us that high feel we all seek. What sets the two apart is the level of this chemical present, so to explain the difference let’s start with explaining which is which.

The Hemp


Hemp is a good cannabinoid. We can call it this because it contains 0.3 or fewer percent of THC. This is a specific number that needs not to be exceeded to make hemp legal. The reason why the level of THC needs to be this low is so that the plant can never make you too high. The first man who defined the difference between hemp and regular seeds was Ernest Small. He concluded that the two plants are hard to differentiate and that the one thing that distinguishes them is the level of tetrahydrocannabinol. Later on, this number was used when the law needed to create the point of separation between the two plants. If you’re seeking to get your hands on some premium hemp seeds, is the place to visit. For those who want to learn more, please do us a favor and keep on reading.

The Regular Seeds


For most people, the regular seeds are titled simply marijuana. Due to its presence in popular culture, it goes under many names. Some of the most used ones include weed and grass. Most users who consume the clear plant know that they’re going to get really high. This is why cannabis with high levels of THC is quite popular. Of course, due to its intoxicating properties, it is not legal everywhere in the world. When looked at from the legal point of view it is any cannabinoid plant with more than 0.3% of THC presence. In the world of cannabinoids, all plants are not the same. Some of them are bred specifically to contain a higher or lower percentage of THC. When it goes above this number it is often referred to as pure marijuana or the regular seed.

What’s The Difference


As you can see they have many similarities. But, no matter how much they’re alike there are many differences. This world is a tight place, and the similarities and differences are measured in follicles. As you already gathered from the first few paragraphs of this article the primary difference is the presence of THC. The magical number is 0.3% and where it starts and ends in the end and the start of their dissimilarities. The next difference is of course the manner in which they’re going to be used. One will be used to develop recreational cannabis which can be used for fun and medical purposes, while the other one will have a more serious role to play.

The interesting part is that the people who grow these plants today as referred to as farmers. In every sense of the world, they are farmers. So, when it comes to what sets them apart is the way they’ve grown. Hemp seeds require less attention so in their raw shape they cost less while the regular seeds can cost you more. The reason for this dissimilarity is that the farmers are the biggest buyers. This means that the demand is high which makes the supply expensive. For a smaller buyer, this means that the price is going to be increased. While the popularity of hemp is growing with each passing day, at the moment it still costs less than its counterpart. While the differences we wrote about above are essential for the understanding of both plants, the main thing is still written below.

In the end, all of us understand that law and order are above all else. When it comes to cannabinoids the regulations are already set in place, and it’s essential to respect them. Both bits of hemp and regular seeds come in various shapes and it was important to label them all. Cannabis seeds that will give you a plant that will later contain more than 0.3% of THC is a plant of its own, in a separate league. Sometimes it’s hard to know which ones you got, as the sellers are not always fully acquainted with their product. So, in some instances, the only way to know which seeds did you got is to fully grow the plant.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article you probably know a thing or two about the cannabinoids you haven’t known before. If you’re a fan of the plant you ought to know these differences. In case you want to grow one at home, you must know what grows in your backyard. After all, we have stated the importance of laws and legality. In some parts of the world, it is illegal to grow any of these plants, while others have a ban set on the one that has more than 0.3% of THC. So, if these seeds are your desire you need to have the lesson we shared with you above always on your mind. it’s not wise to become the wrong kind of farmer, like one Columbian mister did some thirty years ago.