How to Find Reliable Geriatric Home Care Services

Geriatrics deals with the health care of the elderly, an age group that is not easy to define precisely, sometimes the term “elderly person” is preferred, which is equally imprecise. Human functions are thought to reach their peak by 30, after which they decline linearly. This reduction can be critical in a state of stress, but it affects daily activities almost in no way. Therefore, diseases, not normal aging, are the main reasons for loss of function in old age. Often this decline with age is at least partly due to lifestyle, behavior, diet, or the environment, which can be influenced.

Older people have different, more complex health needs. On average, they have 6 recognizable deviations, with which the family doctor is often unfamiliar. The disorder in one weakens the other organ system and both deteriorate rapidly with a consequent disability, dependence on someone else’s help, and death if not intervened in a timely manner. Some symptoms that are common in geriatrics (e.g., dizziness, fainting, falls, immobility, loss of appetite, and weight) require special attention because they may be the result of disorders of multiple organ systems.

It is very painful when you start noticing these changes in someone close, as well as the knowledge that he can no longer take care of himself, and that he needs professional care. We are not talking about a nursing home here, but about a geriatric home, where a person will have the necessary medical care. This is the moment when you have to find the right solution, that is, find a suitable geriatric home that will make your stay pleasant for your parents or other close people. Assured Assisted Living is the assurance that our loved ones will receive the care they deserve. Read below what it is that you need to pay special attention to.



When choosing a nursing home or geriatric home, whether public or private institution, you should first make sure that it has a work permit issued by the competent ministry. Only a licensed home for the elderly guarantees that the wards of the home will be treated and treated in accordance with the Law on Social Protection.


This factor is one of the most important when it comes to the search for a geriatric home. Leaving your apartment is very painful and difficult for people even when they are aware that it is the only option and also the best for them. Adaptation will be much easier if the room meets certain criteria, or if there is enough light and space, a nice view of the garden. In other words, by comfort we mean the space that will be available to them. How many people will be in the room with them, will they be alone, what is the infrastructure of the facility, how the staff treats the residents, and the space available to the elderly. This seemingly ordinary fact can mean a lot to the elderly, it will allow them to spend their retirement days in a comfortable and constructive way.



This period is equally difficult for you and the person who needs to be placed in a geriatric home. Make an effort to find one in your area so that you can visit often. It will mean a lot to you to stop by on the way to work and make sure everything is in order, and it will be easier for both parties to get used to it, bearing in mind that it is nearby.

The expertise and kindness of the staff

The professionalism and kindness of the staff should be one of the most important factors in decision making because we are aware that it is a matter of choosing a place where an older family member should move and continue living. An ideal geriatric home is not one that does not meet the main criteria, especially one that is vital to the people who reside there.

So, the professionalism of the staff employed in the home is a very important factor, starting from doctors, through nurses and technicians, physiotherapists and psychologists, to social workers, cooks, janitors, and hygienists.

Space and environment of the home


Homes for the elderly are usually very spacious and have green areas. Some are more luxuriously equipped than others. When you visit a home, the first impression is important, but it is also important that space meets your wishes and requirements. For the elderly, who have difficulty moving, a great convenience is when the home has an elevator, regardless of the fact that it does not have a high floor. Visit the rooms and common areas and check if the future resident of the home likes them. They are mostly in quieter streets, more or less isolated from the city noise. Geriatric and nursing homes outside the city can be real little oases in nature.

Free activities

Older people also like to spend quality time. Just because they need professional care doesn’t mean they don’t like watching a movie, playing a game of poker, or enjoying another activity together. You can find nursing homes with different amenities, depending on the tastes of the loved one. Regardless of the preferences of your loved one, when finding a nursing home, make sure that they have therapy rooms and gatherings that will help them stay in shape, get proper care and enjoy healthy social interaction.



Although it should not be crucial, price is a very important factor. Keep in mind that staying in a geriatric home is a bit more expensive than a nursing home, for a reason, of course, because a medical team of people monitors your loved ones 24/7. The good news is that a lot of competition has imposed a price drop, which is definitely to your advantage.

Final thoughts

Have patience, because the time and effort you will invest is certainly a small price in relation to the well-being and peaceful rest of life that you can provide to your beloved parents, grandparents by choosing the right home. Think about all the above criteria and put your observations on paper. When you look at all the aspects in detail and make a comparison, we are sure that you will make the right decision with which you will be satisfied.