How to Find the Perfect Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Your Partner

Partners who have long-distance relationships share a special bond. Their relationships are much more valuable because it is based on huge trust and it requires a lot of sacrifices. However, even though they are very challenging, for some people they are worth it. If they can survive a long-distance relationship and still love each other even if they are not physically together a lot, there is nothing they could not overcome.

However, partners that have a long-distance relationship are putting a big effort to surprise each other with special gifts. They are not typical couples, so it is very important to them to find the perfect and unique gift for their loved ones with special meaning. They do not have a lot of chances and ways to express their love and affection to their partners, so for them, a perfect gift is a chance to achieve that.

The only things they have are phones, video calls, and texting. They do not have a chance to share their intimacy properly and the parts of their lives. However, with the creative gift we listed below, you will get in touch and become even closer with your partner. We understand how challenging it can be to find the perfect gift for someone who lives miles away from you, so we want to help you surprise your loved one in the best way!

Remember one thing, not everything is about the gift you buy, but the effort you put in to surprise that person. The gift you choose will show your care and love. Moreover, the person who receives it will see it as a significant and meaningful sign of affection.

Consider Special Long Distance Touch Bracelets


One of the most interesting gifts for couples that have a long-distance relationship is the long-distance bracelets. There is no better way to share the bond and connection with someone who is miles away from you than by giving him/her this special present. The thing that makes these bracelets so unique is the fact that, when you touch them, your partner can feel them. No matter how distanced you two are, these bracelets will work. You can open Bond Touch App which gives you the opportunity to follow and check your partner’s status. In other words, you will be notified when you miss a touch. One more interesting thing about these bracelets is that, when you send a touch, you can choose the color and your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color you chose.

Maybe you two are more for Lovebox spinning heart messenger


The biggest problem for the partners who have long-distance relationships refers to the ways they can stay connected and share their bond. However, this special gift will help you overcome that problem. Lovebox gives you the opportunity to send your partner’s positive loving messages and to receive them as well even though you are miles apart from each other. You can share these vibrant and loving notes anytime and anywhere. The only thing you need to do is to connect Lovebox messenger to any device such as smartphones or laptop that has Internet access. When it is connected, you can send messages using the mobile app. Once you send a message and the Lovebox receives it, the heart on the box will begin to spin and display that message you sent. This heart will spin until your partner touch and lift the top of the Lovebox and read the secret message on the screen. You will receive the notification when your beloved one reads the message you sent and your heart will also start to spin and you will get a waterfall of hearts on your app.

3. For some bolder couples, sexy lingerie can be a perfect gift


Even when you and your partner experience a long-distance relationship and you two do not have a lot of chances to express and share passion and intimacy, you should not forget about it. This is a very important segment of every relationship, so even you are not together that does not mean you should not share passion and pleasure. We have a perfect gift suggestion for you if you are willing to try something new and thrilling. Purchasing sexy lingerie for your partner gives you two the opportunity to take your relationship to a completely new level and stimulate some other passionate emotions. Things such as open cup bras from brands such as Hauteflair are becoming widely popular among couples, but if that’s too much for you, consider regular thongs or sheer panties.

If you are interested to surprise your partner with this special gift, you can see a big selection of lingerie on Lovify. With this gift, you will send not only the affection and the desired message to your partner but the willingness to see that person as soon as possible.

4. What about hug pillows?


The biggest challenge that all long-distance relationship couples experience is not having the chance to hug the person you love. When we are hugging each other, we experience comfort and affection which establish a stronger connection and the bond with the other person even more. Since you can not hug physically your partner, you can consider giving him a special pillow with the sign “Since you can not hug me, hug this pillow”. This is a very romantic and unique present which will surely surprise the person because it allows someone to have a feeling that you are next to him/her even if you are miles away.

5. You can choose matching lamps for you and your partner


One more way to connect with your partner anytime and anywhere is by sharing unique matching lamps. The thing that makes these lamps so popular as a gift is a fact that when you touch your lamp, the lamp that your partner has will light the same color as yours. Despite that, when your partner responds to you and touches his or her lamp, both of the lamps will light a new color. This is a perfect long-distance relationship gift for your special someone because he or she will have a feeling that you are by his/her side all the time. So, when two are lonely in the middle of the night, you can just touch the lamp together and share some unique love message that regular couples can not understand the value.