5 Tips and Tricks for Preventing High HVAC Maintenance Costs

We’re sure you’ve heard of the HVAC system before. This term is quite popular and a good part of the population uses it, although they are not one hundred percent sure what it means.

HVAC is multiple systems that include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In residential and commercial buildings, halls, but also cars, this system allows the movement of air between the outer and inner surfaces. The air can be cooled or heated depending on valid aspirations. If you thought okay that’s all you can expect from this system, you’re wrong. Besides mentioned functions, HVAC filters and cleans the air, and the humidity is maintained at an optimal level. So, in addition to making our stay in a certain space pleasant, it also takes care of our health. This is exactly the main purpose of the HVAC system: not only to have a comfortable stay but also to improve the air.

Most homes have natural air ventilation to periodically change the air and replenish the oxygen consumed and release excess moisture. Ventilation of this system works in the same way. When it comes to heating, cooling or regulating the humidity in the room, the air moves through a network of ducts to different rooms, thus providing superior comfort.

However, just installing this system is not enough. To function properly and give you its maximum, it is very important to maintain it regularly and clean it preventively. If you’re not sure how to do this, read the following tips and tricks for preventing high HVAC maintenance costs.

1. Regular maintenance of the System

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No system can function well if it’s not maintained by rules. No matter how much money you give for the system and how much it is a product of modern technology, maintenance is necessary.

When it comes to HVAC systems, periodic filter replacement is not enough. A large amount of dust can collect in the canals and thus reduce productivity or completely clog the system. If this is not taken into account, the airflow will be significantly reduced and can even lead to a serious malfunction. If care is not taken regularly, the cooling line will be damaged first and the external fans may freeze. In addition to the fact that carelessness can reduce the operation of this system or its failure, you will save money by regular inspection and maintenance. It is best to check the system before the summer and before the winter season. This way you can be sure that the system will not leave you without cooling in the middle of hot summer, or a cold room in winter.

2. Save by paying

Although it sounds strange, it is true. Regular payment for HVAC quality control services can be a great friend to your wallet. Most of them do not perform regular control precisely because of the costs of paying for the service. We all should be aware by now that high risk creates high costs. If you are not sure which service you can trust, we recommend that you consult headwatersheatingandcooling.com.

By buying the system, you will certainly get a guarantee and it is better to use it. It is estimated that regular professional inspection can save you from 5 to 40% of the cost of electricity alone.

3. Smart technology can be a great choice

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It is a great challenge to please every member of the family or team with the temperature, regardless of whether we are talking about cooling or heating. However, there is one important thing called the optimal temperature that should suit most of the family. If we are talking about some more intimate conditions, then we want the temperature to be adjusted exclusively to our needs. This is exactly what a smart thermostat doing for you. You can also adjust the temperature manually, but with a smart thermostat, things are much simpler. The smart thermostat is used to set the temperature in advance and thus make your room comfortable without much trouble. This kind of thermostat can remember your habits and the temperature anywhere in the room can be adjusted as you want and as you are used to.

It often happens that the rooms overheat or get too cold. Smart thermostats turn on and off when needed, automatically, maintaining the desired temperature. This saves on electricity consumption. Again, statistics show that this can save about 2% of annual energy consumption.

4. HVAC with other elements in the room

If you want to get the most out of this system, you need to take care of placing furniture and other appliances inside the room. Even airflow is crucial. The HVAC system is designed to evenly distribute air circulation in each room. Regardless of the size of the room. However, no matter how perfect the design of this system is, the airflow, and therefore the temperature, depends on the high shelves and other machines in the room. Other machines usually blow out hot air and additionally heat the room, so you will need energy consumption in the summer. Also, high and massive poles can change the flow of air circulation. If you are not able to move and organize these elements in the room, we suggest light fans that will direct the air and help it circulate better.

This procedure can save 5 to 15% of energy, depending on the power of the machine and the fan.

5. Insulation is one of the key players

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To get the desired effect spending as little energy as possible, it is not enough just to set up a top HVAC system. Insulation of the building is very important, not only when it comes to heating, but also cooling. You can use various tricks related to the HVAC system, but if the insulation of the building is not the best, everything could easily fall apart. In that case, it will be necessary for this system to work much longer and much stronger than it was planned, and that does not go in your pocket at all.

Good insulation, on the other hand, gives this system a full effect and saves you a lot of energy, and therefore money. If the pipes are insulated, even 90% of the energy consumed can be saved. Just insulating the building will save up to 25% of energy, you will admit really good savings.