Top 8 Meditation Apps

You probably know that meditation is the best non-drug way to relieve stress. The fact is that the state of spiritual and mental trance is the best option for people who have gone astray and want to make the right choice. Only the union of spirit and body will help you find the answers. But the problem is that it is difficult for beginners to catch the moment when the mind is abstracted from the environment around them. So this is why you should look at these top meditation apps. Now you will know where to start first.

1. Insight Timer


Insight Timer is one of the most popular apps for smartphones and tablets. The fact is that here you will find tens of thousands of meditation exercises and tips. See guides to help you figure out where to start. In addition, the application has excellent melodies that will help you abstract from the daily hustle and bustle and look into your subconscious. The basic part of the application is available for free.

However, you can subscribe to access training and courses that will improve your meditation skills. This option may be as useful as a scamfighter for people who do not know where to start and feel overwhelmed with a pile of college assignments. You’ll easily get back on track using the filter system that will help you customize your preferences and hide the content of no value.

2. Breethe


Not all beginners can successfully meditate for a long time. So this is why you can download Breethe and do small exercises for five minutes a day. Optionally, you can contact mentors and plan your mental practices. Another plus is the database of meditation music, nature sounds, and tips. It will be helpful for beginners to pay attention to a variety of meditation practices and approaches to quickly abstract from the environment. But be prepared that the trial version lasts 14 days. After that, you have to subscribe. Fortunately, two weeks is enough to select the appropriate meditation techniques and courses.

3. Headspace


Headspace is an app for most beginners. However, the fact is that not everyone can quickly disengage from the daily hustle and bustle and plunge into a state of half-sleep. That is why the developers have added short exercises, tips, and audio content to shorten the adaptation period. All you need to do is choose an individual course and start plunging into trance and relaxation.

Quick tips will help you learn the basics and shorten the path to self-discovery. As with the previous options, you have two weeks to review the educational materials and choose a meditation format. Another plus is a convenient menu and the ability to switch between meditation formats quickly.

4. MyLife Meditation


One of the main features of this app is the emphasis on breathing exercises. You can reduce stress levels and enter a trance state faster with the right techniques. The app is divided into courses to reduce anxiety, crowd fear, nightmares, and visions. Then, you can quickly switch to meditation, relaxation, and nervous system recovery with motivational practices. MyLife Meditation also allows you to schedule and schedule your health check-ups. The trial version lasts seven days, after which you have to subscribe. Plus, the full version includes tips for acupressure and exercise to restore blood flow.

5. Calm


Calm is a fairly simple and user-friendly application with a minimalistic interface. The developers have focused on short exercises to reduce stress levels and insomnia. Plus, you can find a large database of nature sounds here. The quality of the sound samples is good enough, but you better use headphones. In this case, you can enjoy the sounds of rain, thunder, fire, night forest, or ocean.

6. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a multifunctional application where you can find 45 thousand lessons on self-control, reducing anxiety, and increasing self-esteem. The app’s main purpose is to help beginners cope with depression and learn to meditate. In addition, the application has access to the community, so you can ask any question that is important to you. After the trial period, you can subscribe and save your best-performing exercises.

7. Meditation & Sleep Headspace


At first glance, this application is not much different from the options described above. However, one of the main advantages is a detailed guide for beginners and tips for drawing up a meditation plan. There are not thousands of videos or tips here that can confuse an unprepared user. Instead, you can switch between 100 lessons or listen to relaxing music. Plus, the main menu offers healthy breathing exercises and the option to select a dark mode to reduce stress.

8. Ten Percent Happier Meditation


If you choose this app, you will access short lessons, relaxing music, and guides. In addition, the menu has a section for communication with experts. Now you can ask any question that is relevant to you. This approach is especially relevant for beginners who don’t know where to start. The subscription price after the trial period is quite high, but beginners will certainly appreciate the detailed tips and useful content.

Why Do People Need Meditation Apps?

Imagine experiencing daily stress, insomnia, or fear of society. You probably won’t know where to start. So this is why people need apps. The point is that you do not need to look for effective exercises, tips, sound samples, and meditation practices. Instead, such applications allow you to achieve results faster and save good content for daily meditation. But you shouldn’t forget that not all applications are available for free. That is why you should choose the best option and decide how much you are ready (or not ready) to spend every month.

Final Words

Now that you have a list of the best apps, you are sure to start your meditation sessions soon. Test several options at once to determine which exercise and relaxation approaches are best for you. Surely you will find at least a few suitable applications for abstracting from the surrounding fuss. So feel free to practice and take the first step today. But do not forget that any application is only half the battle. You will have to meditate regularly to be successful.