Upgrading an Old Home into a Luxury Home

Fixing up an old home can be costly, but doing it yourself can be cheaper while living in a fixer-upper. When updating your old home, choose creative and simple luxurious home improvement tips to make a difference without breaking the bank.

If you have lived in your home for many years, you probably need an upgrade to the latest home features. Each room needs to look inviting and pleasant with the following modern elements:

Crown Molding

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Crown molding has a way of making a room look finished and complete. Typically, It brings walls and the ceiling together, giving the room an elegant appearance. It is inexpensive, making it affordable for any budget.

Many widths are available for a more significant impact. Selecting the one with the broadest trim that your budget will allow you is the best. Also, adding various molding types such as ceiling beams, columns, ceiling medallions, and crowns bring ultimate glamour.

Improve Curb Appeal

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The front entry of your home is the focal point of your space curb appeal. Adding symmetry to your entryway through unique wall cladding creates a polished look. Ideally, you can also add accessories such as wall-mounted lanterns on each side of your door. Also, the incorporation of matching potted plants creates a more appealing look.

Give your mailbox a makeover by adding a fresh coat of colorful paint. Also, removing any growing weeds around the area and planting flowers brightens the space. Furthermore, replacing the roof with a new one brings a new polished look to your home exterior.

For a welcoming canvas, a neutral shade and clean lines mimic luxury homes. Your driveway, lawn, and garden should be manicured, well maintained, and the grass cut. Consequently, make sure the grass looks healthy and green.

Additionally, putting in some outdoor lighting is a beautiful thing for a luxury home. It illuminates paths such as the sidewalk, making navigation easier. Parts of your yards are accented, bringing out the beauty of your landscaping if placed right.


Swap out outdated pulls and doorknobs with newer and modern versions to entirely change the room’s feel. Old dingy lampshades should be removed and replaced with new ones.

Commit to a brightly colored shade as a finishing touch to your new color palette needs if you’re using bold color in the room. A lighter room tends to feel more spacious than a darker room. Lighting up your space with a fresh coat of paints makes the room feel airier and more lightweight.
Inside the living space

Floor and walls

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You need to get rid of any carpet and replace them with stone floor finishes from Saturnia Travertini. They require less maintenance and are more attractive than the carpets. The rooms need to be freshened up with a new coat of paints that are inviting and tasteful. Liven up all spaces with some interesting textures and focal pieces such as arts.


There should be multiple showerheads with various jets to create a perfect shower experience in the bathroom. Also, you can add up a sauna-style sitting area and take out the bathtub to make more room for the crowning shower centerpiece.

A luxury shower experience, custom-designed space with exposed rock, and a streaming waterfall bathroom are a dream for most savvy homeowners. Ditch the ordinary bathtub and opt for the giant opulent and sunken bathtub with its jets placed next to a big bay window for people to enjoy the sight of their lush lawn.

To enhance the luxurious feel of your bathroom, consider installing glass splashbacks around the shower and tub area. These not only protect your walls from water but also add a modern touch to the space. They come in clear, frosted, or tinted options, providing an opportunity to complement the existing design elements. Imagine a splashback that matches the cool tones of the exposed rock or the vibrant greens from the garden view outside the bay window. This addition is not just about aesthetics; it’s also a practical choice for keeping your bathroom clean, as these splashbacks are easy to wipe down and maintain. Integrating them into your bathroom design ensures a blend of functionality and style, making your daily rituals feel more like a spa experience.


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Currently, people want full-fledged tasting rooms with the feel of a cozy den mixed with a sophisticated restaurant lounge. Put up the room with a fireplace, soft mood lighting, and your best wines put on display for friends to taste without getting rid of your ordinary rustic wine cellar. Your wine should be kept chilled at the appropriate temperature.

Smart appliances

The entire house can be practically fit with intelligent home appliances for the homeowner to communicate their every want and need. Some devices, such as the LG refrigerator, can alert you when your champagne or strawberries are out of stock. The Nest thermostat can also capture your habits and adjust them to what it has learned you prefer.

Lastly, the smart oven changes the temperature to the optimum level to get food cooked on time. Many luxury homeowners want their house to think and work for them in connection with technology to the entire home.

Accessorize your home

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Accessories bring an elegant touch to space of which most old homes lack the relevant ones. You can accessorize the house with gold mirrors, gold picture frames, or modern gold-legged tables that appear in the designer’s showroom. It gives character and a sense of cohesiveness.

Window treatment

A home without window treatment looks unfinished, cheap, and old-fashioned. When selecting window treatment, you should make intelligent choices, not dull choices such as unlined flimsy materials that look cheap. Stick with competent materials such as natural silk, cotton, and linen.

Window treatments offer various patterns, styles, and colors that match seamlessly with any existing home décor. You can spruce up your living space with contemporary designs that perfectly complement your furniture and architectural elements.

If you select the high-end treatment, you will significantly elevate the design of your home. Remember, you don’t have to install similar window treatments in all rooms, select colors that complement each room’s style for a more individualist aesthetic.


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Many old kitchens that are outdated were built to include walls and upper cabinetry walls to house dishes and cookware. These cabinets tend to display an awkward configuration and make the kitchen feel crowded. For a modern luxury kitchen, consider removing the upper cabinets to open up space. Opt for more modern kitchen arrangements with countertop finishes made of timeless Bianco Maremma, Montemerano Classic, and Etrusco finishes. Learn more about them here. The unique elements help in creating a warm and distinctive feel in your kitchen.


A luxury home should have timeless and luxurious spaces, materials, and furnishings. Take your time to create a budget for each section of your home while upgrading ancient decors in your area. Also, pick the best designer and avoid cheap and poor-quality items.