Steal These Wall Art Ideas For Your Zen-Inspired Room Decor

Modern hectic lifestyles have led to the popularity of Zen-style home decor. This is because, after a long day of finishing errands and combating big business battles, you need some time and ambiance to relax.

Good news! You don’t need to head to a nearby meditation center. If you’re self-motivated, you can transform your living room or bedroom into a Zen sanctuary. Twist your home decor with just one thing: Zen-inspired wall art. The best part is this idea won’t be heavy on your mind or pocket.

To make things easier for you, here are some great Zen wall art ideas to create a tranquil space on a budget:

Buddha Face Wall Art


Hanging a Buddha face wall art on your wall will inspire you towards a happy and upbeat lifestyle. Whenever you see this art, it will lend you a sense of peacefulness and calmness – even during hectic hours of the day.

When it comes to Buddhism wall art, you have many options to choose from. Go for a mural, canvas print, framed artwork, or something like these. In every form, a Buddha-themed artwork is sure to work. It’s great for the living room, bedroom, meditation room, and even the kitchen and the entry area.

Lotus Pop Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Have you got a large wall in your meditation room, or your bedroom or living room? What about this multi-panel canvas wall art that features a beautiful lotus pop?

Lotus wall art adds an instant botanical and colorful touch to your space. It can soften the walls visually and refresh the overall ambiance of your space.

Symbolically, the lotus flower shows overcoming pain in the material worlds and becoming enlightened eventually. So, whenever you look at this painting in your room, it will keep you from giving up and motivate you to keep doing it.

Mandala On Wood Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


The term mandala comes from the Sanskrit language. It means a sacred circle that enlightens everyone. Mandalas are circular symbols and are used mainly by religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and some indigenous tribes.

Wall art featuring a mandala can help balance your body and mind. It can bring tranquility, peace, and calmness whenever you look at it. This sacred circle can also help improve concentration ability and encourage mindfulness.
In addition, this mandala painting can push aside negative thoughts and allow positive and creativity to flow inside.

So, it’s truly a must-have if you’re after Zen-inspired home decor.

Buddhist Elephant Statue Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


The elephant is the largest living mammal, and it symbolizes strength, wisdom, protection, and good luck. This elephant wall art fosters positive energies into your home and life.

Like a snow mountain, the elephant status in this piece embodies dignity, majesty, and power. The mammal represents a positive image of royalty and prosperity.

In addition to your meditation space, other rooms where you can hang this exquisite piece are your bedroom, study room, home office, and living room. It can strengthen your romantic relationship in the bedroom, while in the study and workspace, it can bring good luck to you.

Buddhist Mani Stones Wall Art


If you’ve ever been to Tibet, Bhutan, or Nepal, you might have seen stones carved or painted with the sacred Buddhist mantra. These sacred stones are known to manifest power and spirituality. They have been believed to carry a mystical and divine power.

Mani stones are also linked to wisdom, purity, and unity. So, having a wall art that features mani stones can bring in the instant Zen effect to your space.

Yin Yang Meditation Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


In the Yin-Yang theory, Yin is feminine energy represented in black. In the symbol, Yang represents masculine energy and is represented in white color.

Energy-wise, Yin is a symbol of soft, slow, relaxed, moist, and silence. You can think of the rhythms, the softness of the water, the mystery of the Moon, the deep silence at night.

On the other hand, the Yang force is expressed by an opposite quality of energy to Yin. Think of the fiery directness of the Sun, aggressively running racing cars, the focused energy of laser light.

Bring this great combination of energies to your space by having this Yin Yang meditation wall art. It’s great for a large wall in any room of your home. This is sure to give an instant Zen touch to your space and set you up for relaxation.

Sundown Meditation Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Inspire yourself to meditate and stay focused throughout the duration by hanging this wall art.
It makes a great addition to the decor of any room where you want to bring the Zen charm and experience ultimate peace.

Other Ways to Bring Zen Decor to your Home

Some other proven ideas to decorate your space in the ‘ZEN’ way are:

Keep It Neutral

Opt for a neutral and warm color palette for your home decor. The softer shades of nature look and feel very Zen. On the other hand, avoid flashy and vivid colors because these can take away from the overall calm of the Zen theme. It doesn’t mean that you’ve to be devoid of colors. Just pick your shades carefully.


Go for silk fabrics that feel pleasing and soft to the soul and the eye. Soft colors for silk would work best. Raw silk is a very durable and impressive material to use for home decor. A nice, nubby raw silk never shows stains or spills quite as easily as shiny silk shows.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting makes your space look streamlined and uncluttered. Buy a lamp that features a rice paper shade and plain lines to create a perfect ambiance.

In addition, you can lend your space a Zen-inspired look with calming sounds of the water, botanicals, and natural light.